Loving the beautiful big city

January 21, 2010
By , north tonawanda, NY
“Haylei, over here! This ones cute!” I said.
I found it, the perfect dress for prom, well at least I thought I did, I of course had to try it on, and see if it fits, which usually, will never happen. The dress was a pretty pink color with shiny white beads and sequence.

“One sec!” she said as she was on her way over to see the dress I found

“That’s cute, girlfriend!”

“You think so?” I said

“Oh, I know so”
I headed toward the dressing room to try on the dress, with hopes it would look as nice on me as it did on the hanger.

We were in New York City, with our chorus class field trip. We’ve been waiting for this day for so long, waiting to go prom dress shopping in the big apple! The day has arrived, and it wasn’t as great as we thought of it to be. The stores were tiny and crowded, the owners of the stores were snobby and everything was over priced. We’ve been searching for three hours and still no luck.
I didn’t dare to look at the price tag as I was walking over to the dressing room. I took off my clothes and slipped into the dress.

“Not so bad” I told myself, as I finished struggling with the zipper
I stepped out from behind the curtain to find Haylei standing there

“Hott damn!” she said
And a big smile lit across my face, this was it! I wanted to find Mary to show her my dress.
I walked out of the dressing room feeling confident with my soon to be prom dress on. I was soon found to be standing in front of two boys the one was pretty cute! I said hello to them, because I could tell they liked what they saw, and I’m not used to getting that much attention so I just walked on by in search for my friend. I looked back to find that cutie looking back at me. That moment of looking back at each other seemed to last minutes, because there was just something about his face. I couldn’t stop staring.
“What?!” I snapped back to reality and realized Mary has been trying to get my attention as I was zoning into the cuties eyes.
“Cute dress!”
“Thanks mare!” I said
“I found one myself, I was looking for a yellow dress, but there were only deep yellows and I wanted more of a spring yellow, there was one on the rack over there, but not in my size and I was looking—“
‘Who is that?’ I thought to myself during Mary’s rant. ‘That face. I know that face! Well no, I guess I don’t know that face, but I want to, he’s gorgeous, and I think he liked my dress.
“Ash! You’re zoning again.” Mary said.
“My bad”
“Go get changed and meet me at the register” she said
“Will do”
I returned to the dressing room and changed as quickly as possible so I can get back in the store to find that boy!

Just as I walked out of the dressing room, I heard a bell on top of the door ring, meaning a customer was either coming into the store or leaving the store, my luck, the customer was leaving the store, and it was that mysterious boy and his friend.

“Damn it!” I said

“What’s wrong? Haylei said

I jumped, not knowing she was behind me

“Oh nothing” I didn’t want to let her know because she’s aware what a hopeless romantic I am; and I didn’t want to candy coat that.

“ I have to cash out.” That’s when I forced my eyes to look at the price tag,

“Oh My God! Five hundred dollars!”

“Wow” Haylei said

“Well, I shouldn’t have expected much different in NYC, that’s why I worked so much behind the register these last few months.”

Later that night, back in the hotel room, I realized tomorrow was the last day in the city, we would have to return to the bus and drive eight hours back home. However all I kept thinking about was seeing that boy, I wanted to meet him before I left. I just want to know his name, and maybe get to know him a little bit.

It was dark in the hotel room, when I woke up to Haylei shaking my arm

“Ash Pells! Wake up”

“What??” I said, grumpily “Go to sleep”

“No! Wake up, lets go downtown”

“Your crazy” I said, “Go to sleep”

“Get up!” she grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed I landed on the cold uncomfortable carpet and curled up hoping that would warm me up. It didn’t, so I stood up and was gave her a look of death

“Get dressed!” she said

“Ehh, I’m blaming you if we get caught “ I said

“We wont”

I pulled on a pair of jeans and a big hoodie, looked in the mirror and grumbled.

“Its two in the morning” I said, when I happened to see the clock “Vallas is going to kill us.”

“He won’t know” she said happily “Lets go!”

As I slowly opened the door of our hotel room, trying to avoid the squeaking when I saw a group of my best friends waiting for us. Jen, Jessica, Kasey and Mary. Then I started to realize this should be pretty fun!

We walked around for a little bit, it was quite scary being out so late in such a big city, but so much fun, we were singing and laughing and skipping down the sidewalks. The streets were amazing, they were so busy and the lights looked so beautiful. A group of about five boys were walking up the sidewalk from the other way we were, I couldn’t see any of them because it was dark, just a little bit from the lights.

“Girls, here’s our men for the night!” Jen said

“Nice!” Mary said

The rest of us laughed.

As the boys walked passed, I realized the boy I’ve been dreaming about all day was in the group!

We looked at each other. And our eyes locked, so I wasn’t just fantasizing before in the store, he actually was staring at me, such a cute boy, looking at me??
‘Nahh, that’s not possible’ I told myself ‘Wait, yes it is, its happening now!’ I was such in shock from the look in his eyes, my feet stopped. His must have too, because both of our groups continued to keep walking, not noticing their stunned friend.
He was walking toward me, I smiled, that’s all I could do, just flash a little smile.
“Hello” his sexy voice said.
“Hi” I said, sounding like a two year old.
“I’m Jesse.” he said, in that sexy voice.
“Nice to meet you Jesse, I’m Ashley.”
“I saw you earlier today, that was a nice dress you were wearing.”
“ I thought that was you I saw” I said, trying to play cool, but inside the butterflies in my tummy were going crazy! “Thank you! That’s my prom dress.”
“Well, it looks great on you”
“So, what are you doing out so late?”
By this point my friends noticed I was talking to someone and stopped walking, and they were giggling, and asking each other questions
“Who’s that?” I heard Jessica say from the group, embarrassing me further. His friends kept walking, unaware.
“Well I’m on a school field trip here, and me and these girls snuck out of the hotel.” I said pointing to my loud mouth friends.
“That’s quite bad a** of you.”
I laughed “I suppose so! And what are you doing out so late?”
“I’m here on vacation, Its always been my dream to come to New York City!”
“It’s amazing!” I said
“It sure is”
He turned around to look behind him to see his group was gone,
“Eh, I gotta go catch up with them, but it was nice to meet you, Ashley.
‘Damn, his voice is so sexy and he’s adorable.’ I thought
“Same to you, Jesse” I said with a smile
“Later.” He smiled, and turned around, beginning to run to catch up with his group
“Wait, Jesse!” something came over me, and I yelled to him.
“Yeah?” he said, turning around.
“Would you like to meet up tomorrow?” I said
“I would love to!” he said with an adorable smile
“Okay, great!”
We exchanged numbers, and we both ran to meet up with our groups. I was smiling ear to ear as I returned to my friends. They started spitting out a million questions to me but all I could do was smile, thinking about his amazing eyes and gorgeous smile.
Back at the hotel for the night, I couldn’t sleep; all I wanted to do was think of Jesse. But I drifted off to sleep feeling exhausted from all the excitement.
The next morning, the sunlight woke me up as it poured though the window.
“Wow!” I said out loud. “There is no way in hell.,.”
I figured it was all a dream until I checked my phone. ”One new message.” Flashed across the screen.
“FROM JESSE!” I said aloud.
It was not a dream!
“Good morning cutie” I read out loud
“Good morning :)” I wrote back to him
“I woke up Haylei who was sleeping next to me, and she rolled over, not realizing my excitement.

We were texting all morning and made plans to meet up that afternoon, to meet up in Times Square.

Our plans didn’t fail, we spent the day together and had a great time, we had so much fun and we both couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. There’s something about this boy! I told myself, he’s great!

Unfortunately, the day was coming to an end and I was soon to return to the bus, back home. He walked me to the bus, of course the whole chorus was on the bus, watching out the window, to see what happens.

“Your so much fun, Ashley.” Jesse said

“You are too, Jesse” I said, smiling

He pulled me closer to him, and I saw his eyes closing, ‘Oh God’ I thought, I closed my eyes and felt his kiss. By now, my tummy was doing flip flops inside of me. He pulled away.

“Goodbye, Ashley”

“Goodbye, Jesse”
I smiled back at his smiling face and walked up the steps to the bus and every ones eyes were on me.

“AWHHHH!!” the whole bus said.
My cheeks turned hott. I quickly sat down in my seat next to Haylei and stared out the window the whole trip home, smiling.

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