Above the burning

January 21, 2010
I am here to warn you of the things to come. Not as a prophet or an angel, but the same living and decaying matter as yourself. I am here to show you what can be seen by the human eye, if only you look close.
I have walked down the path of destruction just as you are doing this very moment, shoes worn and covered with patched holes torn loose again. I have stood peering over that same city, ready to fly like a bird far away from this place. I have seen the burning cities that are soon to come; the smoke and the ashes that fall endlessly from a black sky. I have seen the people, their hands coming from the ground. They are torn, scabbed and busied to the bone, reaching out to… nothing. Drowning in their own tears they are moaning and screaming not in pain but in sadness, some whispering their regrets (their eulogies). They will take everything from you. Titans are stretching tall to the sky in shapes of squares and rectangles; with flaming eyes you tremble at their quake. A shadow of smoke is covering the sun that is too scared to shine its beautiful light. The fire, the hate, consumes everything. Everything but the memories….
Oh the memories! Of once bright students, faces full with joy. Our pencils in hand ready to take on the world. Tender Eyes glimmering with determination, nothing could stop us; we were invincible. Sitting in rows and columns our thoughts set on daydreams drawn on homework. We were supposed to be the cure, the escape. So we searched and searched, but there was no cure to be found, no escape this time round. Bit by bit everything began to fall and crumble; just like in the history books.
These words to you are what I see, but all of this is of the least concern to you. All but the smiles, those damn smiles; the ones you will never see anymore. They are your key, they are your hope, and they are your reason. No matter what happens. I beg you to please Keep Smiling

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