The Hidden Talent

January 21, 2010
By crazycmiranda BRONZE, Rochester, Massachusetts
crazycmiranda BRONZE, Rochester, Massachusetts
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Caroline, a blind girl, is playing a piano and she is very passionate about it and she is doing it in front of her boyfriend, Matt. The blank room, which is full of the reflecting sounds of the piano, is white with no windows and none around. She wanted to share her talent with everybody else. She’s not that happy so Matt decides to bring in the owner of the building. He hears the girl and is amazed.

He was tapping his foot and started slowly dancing. He was laughing and said that she was great and that she should play in the opera house not far from here and said,
“she would be a hit!”
The blind girl laughed and Matt started to pick her up and hug her, while saying,
“We’re going to be famous, famous I tell you!”
Over the next few days Caroline practiced assisted by Matt and played different songs and Matt helped her with each one. When at last they were done, Matt took Caroline and started dancing in an Irish kind of way. They both laughed till they cried.
Early the next day, when Matt and Caroline entered the opera house they could hear varies sounds of practicing musicians that wanted to be heard and recognized. Then they saw a chorus of people playing a rhythm, fast and it flowed really well. Then it turned slow and relaxing and then fast again, then a number of beats. Caroline was so amazed at all the sounds and how she was standing in front of the greatest sounds she’s ever heard.

Then someone recognized her and said,
“Welcome, you must be Caroline, come, come and show us what you got and see if we can put you up in the show.”
She felt her way to the piano and when she started everyone was quiet and every note just spoke to them. The director smiled and said,
“you’re in.”

Caroline yelled with glee.
“The big show is in a week so be here tomorrow by 10 am, got it?”
“Got it!”
Caroline yelled. Matt lifted her up and they ran out as happy as can be. When they got home Matt made dinner and they ate in excitement while music, that makes your soul want to jump out and show it’s true self, plays.

The next morning Caroline eagerly got ready. Matt drove her and walked as fast as she could. It was just Caroline and the director. They practiced and practiced and the director was correcting on some things, but she was impressed. Carline was exhausted and went home. Over the next few days Caroline started getting annoyed because of lack of sleep because all she could think about was the big show.

“Caroline, your concentration is really off today, are you alright?” She asked. “Yes now can we just get back to this?"
Caroline said annoyed. The director was shocked and suggested Caroline go home, but Caroline said that she needed all the practice she could get and the director Said,
“don’t worry about it you look good and I think you should be alright and ready, now get some rest.”
So Caroline got home and when she got there Matt asked her how her day was and said se was tired and went to bed.
The show was finally here and Caroline played her stuff and it was so relaxing and the whole audience was in a trance, not one person moved. Caroline was so happy. Her dream, her goal, everything she could have possibly asked for was happening now, and Caroline was to continue to be the best piano player ever.

The author's comments:
I was inspired because of the music I was listening to. I hope people get that no matter what you are you can do anything.

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