Twin's Fate

January 21, 2010
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A day in July there was a family, two twins Ember and Alexia, lived with their mom. Their mom worked all day so both girls were alone most of the time. There was a tragic event in their childhood. Their dad raped them at the age of ten.

Now that they are about to be eighteen, they have a fear for men. One day they were alone at their house, and they finished all their chores, in their free time, before their mom got home, Ember step really close to Alexia and gave her a kiss on the mouth, and told she loved her, Alexia shocked for what Ember had did. Alexia ran to her room to wait her mom.

Their mother came home; Ember was watching television on the living room. Alexia who was still crying for what Ember had done to her, she heard the main door, and realized that was her mom. Alexia ran downstairs; her mom saw Alexia’s watery eyes.
“What happen”?
“Ember kissed me on my mouth”. Alexia responded.
“She did what!” Furiously her mom asked.

She furiously told Ember, without thinking.
“Get out of the house; I don’t want to see you again”. Her mom angrily said.
“You are a disgrace to this family”

Ember ran to the kitchen, she grabbed a knife, ran upstairs, and wrote on a piece of paper; Ember grabbed the knife and stabbed herself in the chest. Alexia who was still downstairs with her suddenly felt uneasy she ran upstairs to see what Ember was doing, she open Ember’s door room, Alexia saw Ember laying down on the floor with the knife in ember’s chest, without thinking Alexia grabbed the knife and stab herself in the chest, and with her last breath she whisper to Ember’s ear:
“We Born together, we die together”.

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