The Sand Yard

January 25, 2010
By Photoguy BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
Photoguy BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
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The bell rang and the frantic swarm of pre-schoolers fled from their dreary room to the cool, outside air. The overcast sky did not impede their gaiety, and they did not waste any time regrouping into their malleable and elastic cliques. A chain link fence, with large sections of dull green plastic covering particularly dangerous sections of the opaque barrier surrounded the play yard. A cement walkway surrounded the perimeter of the yard, with the center being filled with coarse economical sand. The yard was dominated by short structures, but to the naïve youths they were large multi-colored monoliths that were a representation of an idealized reality. However, on that fateful day one group chose to reject the phantasmagoric world of the kaleidoscopic monuments for sheer figment. One charismatic leader assumed the role of the dichotomous character, both the pinnacle and scourge of society, known as The Dark Knight, while the less dynamic were forced to me his numerous unsavory nemesis’s. The Dark Knight mounted his jovially colored, plastic vehicle of the night and furiously circumnavigated the yard, leaving the entire group of less fortunate miscreants to attempt to foil him on foot. However, one spindly, myopic juvenile threw caution to the winds and blindly pursued him with a sole, singular passion. His thin legs each moved in rabid unison, and for the briefest moment in time, the seat occupied by his rival was within his brittle grasp. Suddenly, his worn shoes slipped on the coarse sand from the core of the yard that had made its way onto the encircling cement, and he tumbled, unnoticed by the haughty Dark Knight or his less persuasive tormentors. His long wail was quickly lost to the winds he had so readily given his discretion, and was drowned out by the convivial tumult that surrounded him, mixing with the stew of mirth and carefree wonder that was native to the sand yard.

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