Gun in Hand

January 25, 2010
By Stephanie Thompson BRONZE, San Diego, California
Stephanie Thompson BRONZE, San Diego, California
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“It has been two months, since Jack left me.”

Venece wrote, in her little brown leather notebook. She was lying on her bed, in her little
New York house. On top of her silk, gold and burgundy patchwork design, blanket. Her
head rested against an abundance of decorative pillows.

“Tomorrow, will be, the first day, of the longest third month of my life. I thought
that I would hear from him sooner, but I have not heard from him since. I have come to
the harsh realization that he is not coming back. We were together for so long, that we
had become one. We simply cannot coexist, unless we are together. I will leave you, like
you left me.”

Venece got up, and threw her notebook in her purse. She walked into her rest
room, and looked into the big mirror, framed with golden filigree. She dabbed some
powder on her porcelain face, applied thick black liner that made her light green eyes
glow, brushed light pink blush on the apples of her cheeks, and put cherry red lipstick on
her pouty lips. She took off her cream colored house coat, and put on her greenish blue
corset over her curvy torso. She pulled the laces, until it was tight. Venece then slipped
on her black flowy dress with tassels and spaghetti straps. She put on her black patent
high heels, and completed her look with a long peachy pearl necklace, and a headband
with four peacock feathers on the left side.

She walked into her living room, and picked up her little long haired, black and
tan, chihuahua puppy. She gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“You be good now.” Venece said with a smile, and put the tired puppy on a pillow
on the floor.

She approached the door, and placed her hand on the doorknob. She paused for a bit, and
then walked into the kitchen. She opened a drawer, and grasped a little black gun in her
hand. She stared at it, and then cocked the gun. She looked at herself pointing the gun in
a nearby full length mirror. She ran to her closet and pulled out a brown trench coat, a
brown top hat, and some green shoes that had wooden high heels. She put the gun in her
trench coat pocket and then bunched up the items in her arms. She took the objects out
the door, along with her purse. She opened the door to her shiny black convertible, and
threw the items in the back seat. She checked her makeup in the rear view window. She
fluffed her short, curly, golden blonde hair, with her hand, and then drove off into the night.

She parked in front of a place called “The Underground Club” known to some as
“The Underground Speakeasy” It was not literally underground. It got “underground” in
the name, because alcohol was kept in a cellar that was underneath the floor. It wasn’t the
typical speakeasy. People did not need to know the password to get in. It was also a great
place to eat. The drinks there, were served in red plastic cups, so others couldn’t see the
beverage inside.

It was a little plain looking cream colored structure on the outside. Venece walked
in. The floors were marble, along with the walls. Black beaded chandeliers hung from the
ceiling. People sat at wooden tables. A candle was placed on the center of each table.
Waiters and waitresses attended to their customers needs. The place was filled with
chatter. The room smelled of fresh baked bread, cigarette smoke, and perfume. The loud
jazz music from upstairs, echoed downstairs. A red carpet was laid upon the wooden
staircase that lead to the upstairs section. She walked upstairs. The dance floor
was crowded with people. Young flappers danced quickly with their dates, to the beat of the live, colored
jazz band playing. While others were eating and drinking at tables.

Venece was looking around the crowded room.

“Venece! Venece, darling!”

It was one of her friends, Penelope.

Her other friend, Sophie, smiled and waved.

“Finally, I found you too!” Venece smiled, and sat at the table with them.

Penelope had jet black hair. It was short and straight, with short bangs. She wore
plum colored lipstick, and charcoal eye shadow, that made her blue eyes even more
vibrant looking. Her cheeks were rosey on her pale face. She wore a shapeless cream
dress, with white pointed high heels.

Sophie had espresso brown, short wavy hair, also with short bangs. Her eyes were
a deep brown. She wore the popular bright red lipstick, along with winged black eyeliner.
She wore a black flowy dress, with a voluminous black feather collar trim, and black heels.

“So, how have you been doing?” Sophie looked concerned.

“Oh...” Venece said uncertainly. “I’m sure I’ll feel better soon.”

“I know breakups are hard, but you’re a wonderful girl, you’re only thirty, you

have plenty of time! You’ll find someone soon!” Penelope put her hand on Venece’s


A man approached the three women. He had dark brown hair, that was sleeked down and
parted to the side. He had brown eyes, and a fair completion. He was slender yet
muscular. He wore a black suit, with a cream colored top underneath, and black shiny shoes.

“What will you ladies be having tonight?” His cheekbones became more pronounced when he smiled. He put a loaf of fresh baked bread on their table, with a side of butter.

Venece smiled. “Hey Demetry. Glad we got you, as our waiter tonight.”

“Glad to see you tonight, Venece. You look beautiful tonight.” He smiled, and before Venece could reply, he blurted out his next sentence as if he forgot for a moment why he was there.

“You ladies ready to order?”

“We’ll just start out with wine, for now.” Sophie said.

“Alright.” Demetry left to get the wine.

“Who’s that?” Penelope raised her eyebrow suggestively.

“He’s cute!” Said Sophie.

“Yeah, and he likes you!”

“You, think so? He just lives in the house next door to me, is all.”

Penelope gave her a wide eyed look “You kiddin? I know so!”

Venece smiled for a moment, then her face became serious.

“What’s the matter?” Sophie asked.

“Oh, I see...Jack over there.”

“Oh God! Don’t let that ruin your night!” Penelope said in a worried manor.
Sophie and Penelope looked in the direction Venece was looking. He was talking to three women standing
near the dance floor. They were smiling and laughing together. Jack even kissed one goodbye.

“I already knew that Jack was a regular here.” Venece said, showing little emotion. “But the fact that he kissed another....”

“He’s just an a**! You deserve better, like sexy Demetry!” Penelope interrupted, in an attempt to
make Venece feel better.

Venece looked blank.

“You okay?” Sophie asked.

Venece looked back, accidentally making eye contact with Jack as he was walking by. Venece’s
eyes projected such a hatred towards him, that she didn’t need to make any facial expression. Jack looked
worried, and then looked away quickly, and darted down the stairs.

“I have to use the restroom.” Venece got up quickly, and forced a quick smile.

Demetry brought the wine to the table. Penelope and Sophie looked worried as Venece walked away.

“Everything alright?” Demetry looked confused.

Venece glided down the stairway far behind her ex. Outside, she saw Jack wobbling in the distance. He was in the parking lot nearby. She walked into the parking lot, towards her car. She franticly put on the trench coat, the green shoes, and the top hat. Jack began walking unsteadily down a dark ally way, where his car was, or at least where he thought his car was, since he clearly had to much to drink. She followed him. It seemed so quiet, every step she took sounded like bricks hitting concrete in her mind.

“Hey Jack!” She was infuriated.

Jack turned around, and got an unexpected fist upside his face. Jack lost his balance, and fell against the pavement. Venece pressed one of her green high heels on his chest. Suddenly, a loud bang penetrated through the air.

Venece put the coat, hat, and shoes back in her car, along with the gun. She then returned to
“The Underground Club” and sat at the table with Sophie and Penelope.

“I know how it feels, when your stuck in a bad situation, and you just need to take a little step

out, and get away from everything.” Penelope smiled.

“Feel better now?” Sophie asked.

Venece smiled sincerely. “Yes. I do feel better, now. For some reason, I feel like a weight has
been lifted off of me”

“Well, that’s just great!” Said Penelope.

Demetry walked towards the table. “Mind if I sit?”

“Sure.” Venece smiled, buttering a piece of bread.

“Well, it’s midnight now. My shift is over.”

“Oh.” Venece nodded

“So, I was wondering, want to dance, Venece?” He smiled

“I’d love to!”

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