Pregnant Girl's Best Friend Part 3

January 25, 2010
By oliviarose SILVER, Wellington, Florida
oliviarose SILVER, Wellington, Florida
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AS FAR AS COURT CASES WENT this one seemed pretty open and shut. The courts felt that because of Brianna’s passed she would most likely relapse again which meant that Maggie was going to be taken away from Brianna permanently.

Brianna was crushed by this of course. My parents both felt that she might try to hurt herself if she stayed at her place so she had moved in with us again, which meant that I had to sit and watch her slowly drain of emotion.

It wasn’t too long after the court case when she started doing drugs again. I swear it was just like how it was when she was pregnant, only worse, which lead me to believe when she was pregnant she was actually holding back. So as things began to escalate, when she hadn’t come home for a week, I wasn’t all that surprised.

We filed a missing persons report and we talked to all of her friends. Of course her friends all seemed like they could give a s***. Not a surprise. Aside from me and my parents it seemed like the only other person that gave a damn about her was with a foster family. But, as the days past, the chances of finding her seemed less and less likely. So once her disappearance reached the year mark I gave up, my parents assured me that I had given up enough for our friendship. I even gave up going to college so I could devote myself to making sure she was okay. So, to reassure myself I began thinking she was either dead or someplace where she didn’t want to be found.

That made sleeping at night only somewhat easier.

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