Who am I?

January 20, 2010
By lolforever123 BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
lolforever123 BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
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The light slowly faded away, just as it had the day before. Darkness began to seep out from every corner as she sat a lone in her bed. It crawled and limped closer and closer until it had swallowed her whole. It melted through her pores and into her core. Her soul turned black and deadly. Her body shivered as the last of it slithered through her and then she was left in silence. She was part of the shadows, invisible and everywhere all at the same time. Her mind was left blank and un opened. Forever lost to the world she thought she had known. For the night she would remain possessed and dangerous. When morning would arrive the darkness would leave her just like the birds had. The darkness left a sweet numb feeling in her heart. It raced more during the night but it left her lonely during the day. She had no clue how this all happened, she would just have images in her head every morning when she awoke. As if they were telling her what to do, as if they were the ones running her life and not her. She would wait for the sun to set and then wait for the dark to arrive. She opened her heart up to it, she no longer tried fighting it anymore. It always won. And it always found her. There was no running from it because after a certain point it would catch up to her and devour her without a regret. She never questioned why this happened to her, or if it happened to anyone else. She ever asked herself if she could run away forever and leave the torments behind. All she ever did was let the darkness enter and leave. It came only when she was alone, and if she wasn’t alone when it wanted her then she would be tormented for just a little longer the next time. Even though the darkness left her feeling like she was looking through new eyes she couldn’t help but feel more and more withdrawn and secluded from the rest of the world. It was as if everyone looked at her as if they knew she was different and sometimes she could feel like they knew what they were thinking. As if everyone looked down on her just because of her age. But she knew more. She could have changed the world; if it hadn’t found her. If she hadn’t been left behind by the things that she needed the most to survive. But as soon as she began to feel at home and safe, the darkness would find her. It always left her with these confusing and mixed feelings. Was she part of the solution or the problem?
Day in and day out she was alone. Not even when the darkness arrived did she feel any feeling of love. Left behind, tormented, and scarred was the way the child’s life had started out.

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