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How To Fly

January 19, 2010
By JDeChant SILVER, Spring Valley, California
JDeChant SILVER, Spring Valley, California
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The poorly cared for bird sat lazily atop its perch, as it always did. Never in its life has it had the chance to spread its browning wings; the only life it knew was inside its cage. No one in the family cared for the bird. It was simply known as a nuisance that kept them from sleeping or gave the room a disturbing smell.
Young Carrie sat hunching and numbly stared at the bird. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but Carrie wasn’t allowed outside. Never had she been allowed outside because she had the duty caring for her sickly mother while her father worked. Carrie was nothing but a helping hand and another mouth to feed in their lives.
Carrie quickly got up and took the bird out of its cage carefully. She took it to the window and threw it out. The bird’s wings, weak from years of neglect, failed and it fell to the ground.

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