Chocolate Moments

January 19, 2010
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Dear Grandmother,
You always told me chocolate is the greatest thing in the world. You said that it is the one thing you can't help but crave and can always bring you up when you are down. Then there are the chocolate moments in life. Those are the moments we crave and the ones we never forget. Chocolate moments are the moments that make life worth living.
Growing up I remember all the time I spent at your house while mom and dad were at work. You gave me a Hersey kiss at the end of each day and said we had a day of chocolate moments.
On the morning of my first day of kindergarten there was a Hersey kiss and a card waiting on the kitchen table. You wanted me to make it a day of chocolate moments no matter what happened.
Time went by and our time together became less frequent. Soon I only saw you for holidays and birthdays. I would look forward to those days every second in between and they never seemed to come fast enough.
Those last two years you started teaching me all your secret recipes. We would always have a huge mess afterward. You said that was good because it meant we had fun so the food would taste even better.
Back then I didn't notice the changes and had no idea something might me wrong.
The next Christmas was spent in the hospital. You told me not to worry. Then you told me your secret to life.
The saying "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" was wrong. You never thought that lemonade really went well with chocolate. You said that when life gives you lemons throw them back and eat some chocolate. I can't say I ever really understood what that meant but I said I did. Then you handed me one last Hersey kiss.
That was our last chocolate moment. I still have the Hersey kiss. I never ate it because I'm scared I'll forget once it's gone.
Now three years have gone by. It's been three years of throwing back lemons and eating chocolate but there have been some real chocolate moments too. Those chocolate moments may not have been as wonderful as the ones we spent together but they were good in their on right.
All I wanted to say was I miss you and I hope that when you look down from your spot in Heaven you are proud of what you see. I love you and can't wait for our next chocolate moment.

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