Only me when I'm with you...

December 28, 2009
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"Come on,Lei....I have to go home and back soon!"
It's the afternoon before I set off to a summer soccer program in Rio De Jenero and it's already getting lat! This morning Lei,
Sophie,Resa, Dylan,and by boyfriend
Ethan kidnapped me from my house mid-pack and dragged me out to
shop and shop and...did I mention shop.
"Jeez guys," I said as they piled bags into the car
"It's the summer not the icecapades!"
Ethan put his arm around me "Come on Freedom.Enjoy yourself."
I roll my eyes and let him kiss me
although I enjoy it.Alot.
Lei sighs"Fine we'll take you home."
"Finally." i say relived.
We coast along the captial of texas
(Austin.)'s streets. I smile
as I watch my girlfriends(and okay guyfriends.) sing to 'love story.'
by taylor swift and can't help feeling a twing of home sickness.
We pull up to my mom's apartment
and walk up. The house is dark
which makes me fear that something has happened because knowing my artist mom, the windows are never closed.
I blink as the lights go on.
My true family is all there!My
Grandparents,three grown up brothers,my mom,two sisters,and
five best friends.They all came to say goodbye!
We ate cake, we danced, and
we all mourned my leaving but hoped I came back a star.

The next morning I hopped a plane
to Brazil and entered my own heaven
in the form of a soccer camp.
Two mounths were spent playing, training, laughing, and just being the crazed soccer freaks we were.
I made new friends but no one could match up to the ones back home, the sadness I felt without them there was horrible because the camp was out of contact with
the rest of the world, because it was suspected that that would keep us focused, I hadn't head from my friends or family in a long time.
Then camp the last game of the summer, the final showdown. My team
was called Azul. Our jerseys blue and white would probably tie with
the Rojo team, but after that no one was sure. Needless to say I was seriously nervous. Without my friends or family to support me I was sweating like a sinner in church.
Well I was right, we made it to a tie with Rojo and the final was all us. And then I heard the screaming.
I looked up and my eyes filled with tears. My family. Friends and relitives all gathered. The most improtant people in my life.
I called a time and ran up and threw myself into Ethans arms.
"Ethan! You came! You really did."
"Of course we did silly. What you think we'd let you do this alone?"
"Oh god, I am so nervous ethan
I feel like a sinner in church."
He smoothed back the hair from my face, he'd gotten taller than me
over the summer but his cool green eyes were still just as comfoting
"Don't worry. Do your best, we'll
be here no matter what."
I nodded and turned around to run back to the field.
We won that day by two points due to my last minute kick into the goal. My team carried me around the
field and then we dump gatorage on the coach, it was perfect but not as perfect as when I took Ethan's hand and we walked out of camp
with my whole family cheering me on.
"You know, i'm only me when I'm with you guys."
He smiled and said "Yeah, i guessed."
And then I cna't help smiling too.

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