The Girl I'm Supposed To Be

December 28, 2009
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"Fine." I said in a blank tone. "I have to get back to practice" he said. "Me too" I answered I headed back to my cheerleading squad ansd he headed back to the band that were practicing on the fields today. He wasn't the cliche quarterback or a jerk. He was the nicest guy I had ever met. He was smart and he was an ex football player but he loved band. He played trumbone. He didnt date me because I was the captin of the cheerleading squad. Thats all anybody else ever saw in me. They never saw that I was in three AP classes and still held the top spot on the A honor roll. They never saw that I sang at every small town festival we've ever had and they certainly don't see that I've never dated anyone on the football team. Nope. I'm that girl that every calls "the cheer girl" but to him I'm the smart one. I' the girl with an amazing singing voice. I'm the girl that stares at him as he marches and I chant and cheer.
Now thats a man. He sees past the girl im supposed to be and sees who i am. Yes, Luke sees that I am Anna. Not "the cheer girl"

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