And There's A Twist

December 26, 2009
By SarynJumail PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
SarynJumail PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
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So this was where she ended up. Her best friends had dragged her here, to this stupid teen club, at this table by herself. They had made her dress up and look all feminine to come out to this club and do what? Sit and watch their purses and cell phones as they danced with their boyfriends and flirted with random guys.

But she didn't complain.

A cell phone rang on the table. She looked around, trying to find her friends, then decided that it was no use in the packed, dark club. She picked up the phone that was ringing from amongst the rest of the identical phones - it was one of her friends ideas to get matching phones. Cute, but incredibly annoying at times like these, seeing as they never knew whose phone was whose.
"Hello?" She asked into the phone.
"Hello..." The voice on the other end was shy and nervous sounding.
"Yes?" She said impatiently. She didn't know who it was, seeing as the caller id didn't show a name, and she didn't know why she even wasted the time to pick it up.
"Are you Kara Edwards?" The voice asked, distinguishable now as a girl's voice.
"Yes," She responded, still wondering why she bothered to pick up.
"So you're Thomas' girlfriend?" The voice asked.
"Yes, I am. What's wrong?" She was still a little skeptical, but this was starting to sound like an interesting conversation.
"I have something to tell you." The girl said, sounding distant and maybe even a little lost now.
"He's cheating on you. With me. I'm sorry, I had no idea until last night, when I saw the messages on his phone while he was in the shower. I'm so sorry..."
She almost dropped the phone. Did the two years mean nothing to him? "Wow," was all she could say.
"I'm so sorry, I never meant for anything like this to happen." The girl continued.
"Don't be. It's not your fault. I just can't believe he would do this... look, just stay away from him, okay?"
"I was going to," The girl responded quickly. "I told him last night that I can't be with him."
"Thanks for telling me. Look... I gotta go. Bye." She hung up the phone quickly, and noticed the picture on the background. It was a picture of Kara and Thomas, both looking crazy happy, that she had taken on their two year anniversary last month. She ran her finger over the ridges in her friend's cheek, and smiled. She deleted the call data quickly and then smiled as they approached her, smiling and sweaty from dancing.

She didn't have a boyfriend, didn't want one, and it was a good thing she didn't. Boys didn't ever look her way twice. It wasn't for lack of looks, no, she was pretty. But her intimidate factor was constantly set to ten. And her one word answers snapped to all questions aimed at her didn't help, either.

She was a best friend before anything. Kara would never have to know.

They had been her best friends since forever, as she remembered it. Ever since their mothers started talking while waiting to pick them up from preschool. They were always early, and they always talked to each other, since there was nothing else to do. They found out this way that their daughters were all the same age, and they were constantly set up on play dates with each other. Chelsea, Kara, Holly, Morgan and Ashton would come running out of the building, waving around whatever dumb arts and crafts thing they had done that day, running to their mothers in their close knit circle that they always seemed to form. They would continue to talk for ten minutes or so, while the kids all played tag or some other dumb game in the yard.

Cute, isn’t it?

Not really. Yeah, it’s all fun and games to have four best friends that will never leave your side, four best friends that will be with you through everything. They were all different, they looked different and not two of them acted the same. Chelsea had the looks, with her rare curly red hair and irish background, her height and pretty face. She wasn’t into school, and we had to pound on her to do her homework. Well, more Kara than anyone. Kara was the brain, always having straight A’s and never forgetting about a project or assignment. She had light and dark eyes, and was had dark brown curly hair that was straightened as much as it was left curly. Holly and Morgan were twins, short, with long black hair and hazel-green eyes. They were into sports, both doing two totally different things, but both loving what they do more than anything. Holly was a dancer, ballet, mostly, and Morgan played basketball. Holly was a little cynical, and we were always talking her out of whatever crazy plans she had planned. Morgan was different, crazily outgoing and always making people laugh. And Aston was… what was she? She wasn’t extremely smart, wasn’t outstandingly pretty. She had dark brown hair that fell to just below her shoulders, and brown eyes that looked dull against her caramel skin. She could get better grades in school… but she didn't do anything to improve them. She procrastinated a lot, which is one of the reasons why her grades weren't where they should be. She was always thinking that she was the screw up, the one that they all have to constantly try to improve.

So it was the five of them, going through elementary school together. We made it to the eighth grade when it happened. It being the horrible car accident. Morgan and her father were on their way to go get Holly from dance practice, and a semi truck that was driving too fast hit them. They were both rushed to the hospital, where her father was sent in for emergency surgery, and Morgan was pronounced dead on arrival.

The funeral was hard for all of them. Holly couldn’t move for weeks afterwards, and they all understood and tried to help her through it. It was difficult, and they all had to find out a way to move on through the pain.

They got through it though, all of them together. All the way until their junior year, where we are now. We didn’t forget about the accident, but we have moved on. Holly is a lot more cynical, and is a a phase of trying to kill anything that came between her and her depression, but what could you expect?

"I love you," Kara whispered into the phone.
"I love you too," She heard Thomas' reply, soft and whispered. They were both tired, and in the process of hanging up the phone.
"Hang up," She said with a smile.
"Naw... I don't wanna hang up." was his reply.
"But we're tired! It's four a.m. We have school in the morning baby." She said urgently, but carefully. She smiled.
"Man... Eff school. I wasn't gonna go anyways."
"You have to go! I'll miss you if I don't see you in orchestra first hour." She sighed. Thomas had been missing school more often than not. He was smart, but he didn't apply hisself. He was influenced by the wrong people, and sometimes Kara thought that if she wasn't on his head about it all the time, he wouldn't bother to go at all.
"Man, I was thinkin' bout dropping that class anyways. Music ain't gon get me nowhere in life." He said. He was tired, and sounded like he was high. Kara knew he would never give up on music for real. It was his escape from life - she could see it in his eyes every time he drew the bow across the strings of his cello.
"Yeah. Okay. We really gotta go to bed." She was starting to get fed up with him, as she did often. She wouldn't give up on him though. She never did.
"Alright. Goodnight bay. I'll see you tomorrow."
She smiled. "Goodnight."
Hanging up the phone, she dressed for bed. Sometimes she wondered why she didn't give up on him. He pissed her off to the fullest extent at times, but yet he always came back. Her friends didn't know much about their realtionship, but that was okay with her. Thomas didn't like his business to be all out on the streets, as he called it. The less they knew, the less they would worry. She was a best friend before anything. She didn't want her friends to worry about her.

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