Bad Day Gone Bad

December 24, 2009
By Anonymous

7:30a.m – I wake up and look at the clock. I slept in. I sit up and hit my head on the top bunk. Ouch, that'll leave a mark. I walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror. Oh perfect look, more little red dots have magically appeared over night. I hate acne. It makes me feel like crap. It ruins peoples lives. I feel like taking a razor and peeling off a layer of skin off my face and just starting over. Make-up only goes so far until it just looks like you've caked and pasted it all over your face. Plus it just makes your skin more oily than before and creates more zits. I decide to go for some mascara and eye liner. Besides, I have gym first thing today and I don't sweat on my eyes.
Getting dressed isn't much fun either because I figure out that nothing that's clean matches. I can tell this is going to be a fun day. I skip breakfast and just wait for the bus in the cold. I'm not hungry.

9:55a.m – Gym was okay besides the fact that I got hit on the head with a basketball because I was watching my defender. At least it didn't reach my nose like most days. I've broken my nose at least three times because of my amazing coordination skills. Now, I can't find my math books and the homework that's due today.

12:08p.m – Well, it looks like my teacher isn't having a good day either because she is making me do a five page assignment at lunch that has something to do with imaginary numbers. Ha ha, what a load of crap. How the heck am I supposed to know what she's imagining? At least I have I.A next.

2:05p.m – I'm never going to look forward to I.A again when I'm having a bad day. While I was cutting some wood, some smart ass comes up to me and asks, “What's that on your forehead?” I was about to cut him with my saw, but accidentally cut myself on the hand instead. I can hardly wait until he gets pimples or finally goes through puberty. He still sounds like an underage chipmunk.

4:00p.m – Thank goodness I'm finally home. I'm going to order some Chinese food and lock myself in my room for the rest of the night before someone dies because of me. I just can't wait what tomorrow will bring me.

The author's comments:
This is what I imagine some people feel like some days.

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