My Addiction

January 14, 2010
I say I will control myself everyday but I never succeed. This is what goes through my head as I sped down the highway. I just failed my literature class. My boyfriend of two years finally decided he wanted to see other people. I lost my spot on the soccer team becase I missed too many practices. I just couldn't bear having to face those girls, so thin and elegant. I could not keep up with them. I would never look like them. Coach tried to help me, but I blew her off each time.
I pulled into the drive thru. I know I shouldn't order too much, but I do. I deserve it. I've had a crappy week."Two double cheeseburgers, two large fries, and a twenty piece chicken mcnugget." "Is that all?" the casheir replies. I think hard about this for the next three seconds. It's Friday Night. I treat myself to a fudge sunday.The total comes to $18.50. I always bring extra money for occasions like this. I pay for my food and drive away.
I'm on the highway again. I'm heading home. I decide that I might share some of the food with my roomate. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I won't touch this food until I get home.
A few minutes pass. The smell of deep fried, crispy, salty french fries fills my nose. I can't resist. I grab a fry. Within five minutes they are all gone. I reach for the second container. Another five minutes. Gone. I have salt all over my face.
I have finally made it home. My roomate is nowhere in sight. Too bad. I hurry up the stairs, bag of food in hand, go to my room, and lock the door. I am anxious to get to the rest of my meal.
After forty five minutes everything is gone. I need more. I check under my pillow. Nothing. I rummage around in my drawers. Jackpot. I have spotted five 99 cent bags of cheese puffs.I turn on the TV. My favorite show is having a marathon. I finish all five bags of cheese puffs. Within ten minutes I am sound asleep.
I wake up the next morning. My stomach feels as if it it bearing a bodyless child. I feel horrible. I have not yet learned my lesson. My routine begins again that night.

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