My Big Mistake

January 14, 2010
By Anonymous

One of my big mistakes was to become a gang member but what could I do? There wasn’t any other choice; I was new to everything. At the age of 12, my mom and I decided to go live with my dad in Chicago. It was kind of hard for me to say yes and move, move but I did. I had to look for new friends and it was really hard for me, therefore I went to my first day of school I was alone. There were these girls looking at me and saying things to each other and throwing things at me. I would try to ignore them and walk away, but it was impossible, because it had only passed a week and they all came up to me and asked if I could be one of them. At first I was really confused thinking about what they wanted me to be. I just responded what am I going to be part of? Than the main head of the girls respond “you are going to be part of a group named the Ghetto Ladies, and you have to get jumped so you could be one of them she said she would see me on Friday night in the park I was really afraid but at the same time I didn’t tell anyone to help with the situation. The day arrived and I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed in the house. My mom and dad were working and I was by myself but not going was my worst decision because they got really mad at me. One day I was going to the store to buy some chips. They were all outside and I had no other way to get through and I didn’t know if I should go back home or walk by them. Finally I walked by them; they got me and 3 Ladies hit me, I don’t really remember of much but I remember that it was impossible for them to end. At the end they helped me o stand up and told me I was a new sister to them and that everything I needed I was going to have it, but at the time I had to work for it by doing the things they asked me to do. I also had to go to every meeting, which was every Friday.

Time passed by and I started to get in a lot of trouble and go into a lot of fights with other members. Until one time the cops got me and I had to go to court and got probation. The court gave permission for my mom to move out of the state. Therefore we moved into where we are living now and it’s a whole different situation because my mom have gave me the opportunity to change a live a better life. I have tried my best to change and forget about everything I have done in the past.

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