Temporary Oasis Prologue

January 13, 2010
By Shelbo003 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
Shelbo003 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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I gazed up at her from my spot on the sofa, my head on her belly. It’s amazing how we made it here, how much we had to go through together to get to where we are now: perfection. She still takes my breath away. So strong but so breakable, so tough but so caring, so powerful but so… so Grace. She’s everything perfect and beautiful and breathtakingly real. She is the fantasy that I never let myself imagine. Right from the start I knew she was the girl—the woman—that would have my everything.

My heart melted when she smiled at me, the warm glow of love softening her eyes. Movement under my head drew my attention. Taking my hands in her delicate grip, she guided my hands gently across her tummy, and I felt it move again. I looked up at her, amazed. Happiness welled inside me and I felt the nip of tears glazing over my eyes.

A smile burst onto my lips as I said, “Hello, little baby. Daddy’s here… and I always will be. Me and mommy love you so very much. Take your time growing, Little One.” My gaze found my Gracie again, pools of tears in her eyes as well. “Gracie…” I traced her lips with my finger. My finger trailed down to her chin, tipping her face closer to me; I kissed her and she kissed back with all of the love and tenderness and care in the world. And once again, I knew this—our life together—was not, and never will be, a temporary oasis…

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