January 10, 2010
Light. Flash, then darkness. Now the little square of light is back, rolling across the walls, and finally sliding up next to my bed. I sit up wearily and squint at my clock as the blurry number shifts around. I narrow my eyes, trying to steady the number. 2:11. ‘What the hell woke me up at two in the morning?’ I think. ‘I am grumpy. Grumpy and tired.’ Last night. Flashes of dresses and music come streaming back to me as I remember the party. Now I timidly go through each scene, hoping that I did not do anything stupid. I had been so hyped up. I lay back down as I near the end of the night in my mind, thankful that I survived without embarrassing myself. The light comes back again. Frustrated, I throw back the covers and sit up again. I realize that the light is a car, and lean out of my bed to peer out the window, pressing my nose to the cold glass. Outside a sleek black car has parked under the oak tree in the front yard. I watch it for a minute. No one gets out. I wonder if they can see me, but do not move anyway.

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