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January 10, 2010
By KarinaMartin GOLD, Rancho Cucamonga, California
KarinaMartin GOLD, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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PROLOGUE: It's dark. I can't see a thing. I'm freezing cold. I can't feel my hands. My stomach is growling constantly. I haven't eaten for hours. I only hav two loaves of bread, some green grapes in a small Ziplock bag, and a bottle of Arrowhead water. How am I going to survive?

STORY: My name is Melanie Rodriguez. I am a tall, thirteen-year-old girl who attends Our Lady of Lourdes School. I am an 8th grader who always keeps my grades up and is known as the class geek. I am not very popular and I try to keep to myself as much as possible.
That was until Hannah Martinez and her two evil twins dared me to go into that 100 year old haunted mansion on Orchard Street. At first, I said no,but then she and her evil twins started teasing me and said, "Oh, what's the matter? Is the know-it-all geek afraid?" I just couldn't take it anymore. So then I blurted out, "I will bet you $20 that I can stay in that haunted mansion for a whole night!" "Deal!," said Hannah. So that's how it all started.
Now, thanks to my big mouth, I am lost in this large mansion in a maze of hallways. I haven't eaten for hours, but because of the small amount of food and water, I must save as much as I can. For I don't know how long I will be here. How long I will survive before anyone finds me.
It has already been three days. My stomach grumbles. I don't know how long it will take before I start hallucinating. Not long, I suppose. I have to find a way out of here. A way to survive.
It is now day four. I am in a dusty room, full of old knick-knacks and owl clocks. The owls are starting to creep me out with their eyes watching my every move. I try not to make eye contact, as I start to come up with a plan to get out of this maze of hallways. This mansion has so many trap doors leading to different hallways with even more doors. You never know which one is the way out. I have tried so many doors, but all of them have lead me to different hallways everytime. Hopefully, my plan will work. Or else, I will die of hunger and thirst in this old haunted mansion.
Today is the day. Day five. I do not have much food left and have just run out of water. I have finally figured out my plan. There is a vent on the wall and a tube attatched to it that leads to the outside. Now, it is way to small for me to fit into it, but I can still scream into it. There is a small window above the vent. When I see someone walk by, I will scream into the vent and then I will be saved!
Hours go by before someone finally comes. As they start walking by the mansion, I scream into the vent," Help! Help, please!" The person outside obviously heard me because as soon as they did, they ran away. At first I thought I was done for. Then, the person came back with a police officer! So, I put my face to the window and the officer saw me! I was saved! The police officer ran in and found me in about five minutes. Apparently, I wasnt that far from the first floor, so it asn't that hard to find me. Though, at the moment, I just cared about surving and getting out.
After the police officer took me to a hospital and I got to see my parents, I was feeling a lot better. At the hospital, they gave me a great breakfast. Fluffy pankakes with scrambled eggs and sizzling bacon! It was dlicious.
As soon as I was feeling better, and had recovered from the hungerness, I went back to school. On my way there, I ran into Hannah. At first, I thought she would start teasing me like she usually did. Yet, instead, she apologized for daring me to go into the haunted mansion and all the other mean things she did to me or said about me. I was very shocked at first, but realized she really meant it. So, I accepted her apology. She hasn'y made fun of me or dared me to do anything since. She also gave me the $20 she owed me from the dare. So, out of all the things that have been going on, I got a new life and $20. Who would have guessed it?


The author's comments:
Well, this story actually came to me in a dream. This story was actually a school assignment. My friend, Samantha, told me it was a good idea to paste my story on TEEN INK because she thought it was a good story.

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