Grey Skies

January 8, 2010
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Journal Entry--Day Thirty-One:

I do not like the color grey anymore. Grey skies, grey eyes, grey tombstones, grey voices, and grey voices.I've now come to the conclusion that grey reminds me too much of death.
I visited a cementary today and it was a mistake. The sky was grey, heavy omnious clouds looming over me like a halo. Static from the nearby thunderstorm began to snap at my hair as it began to crackle on my arm and neck. My mother's father's body is with hundreds of other bodies under the ground.
I walked on top of 234 dead bodies today, yes I counted. That's 234 bodies that are dead and in the ground for us to walk on like grass.
Is that we think of deceased people, as grass that we can just walk on?
Well I didn't walk on my grandfather, that's for sure.
The only thing that really made me calm was the copious flowers all over the field. I especailly liked the yellow lilys that sagged underneath raindrops and early morning dew.
Right now, the storm is letting out its fury. Thunder is rattling my house and my head right now, making me linger on the subject of death.
Grey, pale faces of dead people stare at me. Millions of them flood my mind, becoming more like wisps now as they gradually transform into my fears.
I hate death! I hate that I must look at death in the face everyday as I drive by the cementary!
Why do we marked a deceased person's tomb like a flag of honor?
I do not understand death, nor do I understand the concept of grey skies.
I think that whenever someone dies or thinks about someone who has passed away a grey sky creeps up. Maybe not in the sky, but somewhere there will always be a grey sky.

Cody's eyes began to blur as the words became inscribed in his mind. The grey faces were now fading, and a sunny sky replaced his gloomy thoughts.
Pounds of heavy weight hung heavy on his shoulders. Cody bent down like a wilting flower and picked up a piece of sunshine and put it in the back of his mind.
He was planning to save it for the day that someone died.

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jenniferanne said...
Jan. 25, 2010 at 9:57 pm
Though this is well written, I feel that it started out strong, but lost its power towards the end. When writing, try to stick with one style to keep the reader's attention. Otherwise, I enjoyed the reflection and thought behind this. (:
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