Ashley's Story About Target

January 8, 2010
By Anonymous

One day my friends and I were going to Target. They were going to go shopping, but then they realized that they didn’t have any money. One of my friends said “How about we stuff our pocketbooks with items? They won’t find out.” I kept saying, “Stealing isn’t a good idea; I don’t want to get into trouble, and get kicked out of the store.”
I walked away from my friends because they started to put make-up and some clothes in their pocketbooks, and I didn’t want anything to do with it. I think it’s wrong to steal, but my friends wouldn’t listen to me. I always tell them not to get involved with the wrong crowd, but I had this feeling in my stomach that it was a bad idea and I was getting nervous that we all were going to get kicked out. After a while I saw a worker, and told her the girls are stealing. The employee said, ‘thank you” and asked me if I knew them I said that I did, but that I don’t steal. The lady then called up the LOD (a lady in charge), and told her that someone came up to her and said that these girls are stealing. The lady that I went up to kept watching me everywhere I was going, and I kept wondering, why is she watching me when they’re the ones who are stealing. I started to really feel sick to my stomach and I just wish they would listen to me. My heart started beaten faster and faster every second.
A couple of minutes later the LOD comes to the worker to see what was happenening. My friends said that they were just looking around shopping. One girl was holding a shirt and saying “wouldn’t this look good on me?” The LOD asked,” Do you need help with something?” They said we’re just looking.” My friends were just acting like they weren’t up to anything until the LOD walked away. The employees were just around the area that they were in and one of the employees was folding clothes behind something, and she saw that the girls were putting make-up and some clothes in their purses and, of course, I was over there at that point. I was talking to one of my friends holding up a shirt that I liked and my friends went to a different section, and I turned around like I was the one up to something and I knew from that point that the worker thought I was up to something with my friends. It looked like I was stealing. The lady called the LOD again, but when the LOD came, it looked like I was stealing because my friends had walked away at that point.
I realized my friends had this all planned out all along and that they wouldn’t tell me about it so they wouldn’t get caught and that I would. So it looked like they didn’t even do anything because they were being sneaky about it the whole time. They probably didn’t tell me because they knew I wouldn’t steal and that it’s wrong. I got into trouble and my friends got away with it. I said “it’s not fair that I got kicked out of the store when I’m the one who told them not to steal” I’m the one who said don’t steal and I got blamed for it. I guess I learned to not hangout with the wrong crowd because you end up getting into trouble at the end.

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