The Perfect Disaster

January 8, 2010
By heyyylacey BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
heyyylacey BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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As Sara lay on the pavement watching the scene of the accident, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It all seemed like some horrible dream that she was being forced to witness, but could do nothing to help. She hated having to lie still while the ambulance treated her cuts and diagnosed her injuries; all she wanted to do was to sit my Kyle’s side. She just wanted to turn back time, and go back an hour to change what happened.
It all started at eight o’clock that very same night. It was a Friday night like any other, and Sara was pumped for the football game that was on its way for a flawless victory. With her girlfriends in the stands, she cheered Kyle on as he caught every pass thrown to him. She was having a great night already, tailgating and having a good time, and then witnessing her boyfriend carrying the high school team to yet another win in the season.
After the game ended, the whole school was ecstatic because of the triumph. Kyle and Sara quickly met up and exchanged a kiss, followed with Sara’s praise for Kyle’s flawless footwork and grace. He was very humble of his skills so this embarrassed him, but he was thankful for Sara’s pride. He smoothly offered to drive with Sara to the after parties to celebrate, and she excitedly agreed. They departed and soon arrived at Jake’s house with all of their friends to enjoy their Friday night, and Kyle could not wait to be with Sara for the rest of the night.
Kyle accepted all the compliments and high-fives from his friends and fellow team mates modestly, but could not keep his eyes off of Sara. He had been so nervous to be around her all week, especially with a diamond ring jingling in his pocket, just waiting to be given to her. He had been planning what he would say and do when he proposed, but when he looked into her soft green eyes, he lost all the words he wanted to say and just melted. Tonight was the perfect night, and he would finally make Sara his one and only forever.
As Sara looked at Kyle’s facial expression, she knew that something was wrong. She had been noticing his strange behavior all week, and she was terrified. She loved Kyle more than anything than she could ever imagine, and she would never want anything to come between them. She saw in his eyes that something just wasn’t right, and it bothered her. He was lying to her about where he had been on Tuesday night, and she just couldn’t understand why he would ever lie to her. Trying to calm herself down, she left Kyle to chat with her girlfriends and attempt to enjoy her night. They were all so different from her, bickering about their boyfriends and unhappy in their relationships. Sara had never been unsatisfied when with Kyle, and she didn’t want to ever lose him. Her mind was wandering away from the gossip all around her, and she was happy in her own little world.
Kyle’s heart raced every time he looked over at Sara, he knew he could never propose the way he wanted to. Why was it so hard for him to talk to the girl that he had been dating for three years? It was just one simple question, but it was the hardest thing that he had ever had to do. He needed a remedy to stop his palms from sweating, something to prevent him from losing him breath every time he spoke to her. He went into the kitchen to find a cup of water to clear his throat.
As he walked into the room, he found Gabe, the Quarterback, taking shots with a few other boys. Gabe was so smooth, so cool; Kyle wondered how he could be like this. Kyle took one look at the bottle of whiskey, and decided to take a few shots with the guys. Kyle had never been a drinker, he didn’t want to risk his football career, and Sara hated drinking too. They were so perfect for each other; they shared all the same views and opinions. He knew that one or two shots couldn’t hurt, and it was definitely a special occasion. One shot turned into two, then into three, and before he knew it, he was more confident than ever, and he proceeded to march over to Sara.
Sara was getting worried about Kyle; he had been out of her sight for awhile now. While she was sitting on the couch waiting to leave, she spotted Kyle, who stumbled towards her. Sara shot up, thinking that maybe he hit his head or just tripped over a cord, and walked over to help him steady himself. When she got within two feet of him, she could tell by the reeking scent of alcohol that something was wrong. Pulling Kyle outside, Sara proceeded to argue with Kyle about his values. She just couldn’t understand what was going on with him, he never drinks. She just wanted to go home and end this awful night, and she ordered Kyle to give her his keys.
Kyle never let anyone drive his precious Mercedes, but this was a different occasion. Kyle had always been as stubborn as a mule, so it was no surprise that he declined the offer. Her curfew was approaching soon, so she made Kyle swear that he would be safe and they got in the car to go home. Everything was going well, Kyle was driving the exact speed limit and Sara was making sure no mistakes for made.
Turning into Sara’s neighborhood, a sharp turn was the first obstacle that needed to be completed. She was almost home, and she was already picturing herself bundling up in her blanket and drifting to sleep.
As they were approaching the turn, Kyle suddenly leaned over and began to vomit all over his leather interior. Trying to avoid the puke, Sara threw herself to the opposite side of the car. Her mother would slaughter her if she smelled alcohol on her, let alone after getting out of Kyle’s car. The turn came too fast, and the car sped over the curb before it could’ve been avoided. Sara didn’t even have time to realize what was happening, her life was flashing before her eyes. She didn’t even have time to cry, the car flipped a few times before landing upside-down on the road, and the car was silent as Sara opened her eyes.
All she could see was darkness, she could feel her heart beat in her throat, and in the distance she could hear people yelling. She didn’t understand why the sound was so far, but she just wanted to get out of the car. The world came into focus as someone pulled her carefully from the car, and she was able to see her surroundings.
She looked down at her legs, which were covered in blood. She felt no pain; all she cared about was Kyle. Where was he? She kept asking the man that was carrying her to the stretcher, but received no answers in return. She then looked back at the Mercedes, and saw a sight that made her heart skip a beat. She saw Kyle, lying lifeless in the car, and men using the Jaws of Life to remove him from the wreckage. Without thinking, she freed herself from the ambulance and sprinted to Kyle’s side. She grabbed his hand, it was so cold and unfamiliar, and attempted to wake him from this deep sleep he seemed to be engulfed in. When this didn’t work, she then shook him and screamed and threatened and did everything just to bring him back to her.
She then noticed something fall out of his pocket, a shiny diamond. She quickly picked it up and examined it. On the inside, there was an inscription. “To my one and only, we shall never part as long as we live.” Sara couldn’t believe her eyes, how could this happen? This must have been the reason he had been so strange all week, she felt so horrible for expecting the worst, and she now understood why he decided to drink tonight. Tears began to run down her cheeks uncontrollably, and she was then pulled away from her true love’s side, forever.
She sat on the side of the road watching them taking her world away from her, and her heart shriveled as soon as the zipped up the body bag. She held the ring against her body as close as she possibly could, because it was all she had left of her one and only.

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