My Heart (Part one)

January 5, 2010
She froze as his had slid across her cheek, fingers rough against the soft satin skin on her delicate face. “Sky, look at me.” He whispered, voice rough.
She silently shook her head, green irises still lost behind lids. She didn’t trust words, she didn’t trust eyes.
“I messed up, I know.” He gently wound his fingers in her hair.
“You told me you’d always be there to catch me, no matter what. Well, you wanna know something? One day I started falling, and when I reached that bottom, I hit it hard. You lied. You weren’t there to catch me.”
She had her back to him now, and was slowly walking away. She knew that if she had paused even once to open her eyes, she wouldn’t have been able to leave his side.

Part One.
Sky looked herself over in her mother’s old full length mirror. Brown hair laid below her bust in long choppy layers, and green eyes fell centered on her heart shaped face. Her light brown skin glowed in the lights, and her tall and lean frame stood out in a crowd. She ran her fingers over her jeans and turned around, appraising her look from a full circle. The new pair of skinny jeans fit her tones legs well, and the green band tee made her eyes look brighter.

She was ready for another day at school, not that the day ever changed. She had the same classes all year, with the same people, and the same drama. Sky couldn’t wait to get through high school, but that was until she met him.

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McGurker This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 20, 2010 at 7:36 pm
Absolutely continue, always keep writing!
This is very nice, it would be interesting to see where it goes.
Also, soft satin=oxy moron.
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