The First Kiss

January 3, 2010
There he was Robbie, a gorgeous brunette, with blue eyes, the type of guy you’d see in a magazine; a peacock surrounded by pigeons. Standing there, untouchable, incredulous, and he were just simply breathtaking. He was talking to a new student whom had moved from New Mexico, befriending him since this new boy, Nick, knew no one. After I had been awing at him for what seemed to be a just a moment he glanced my way and simply chuckled “Better close your mouth, don’t want flies to settle.” Great, I’m the freak who stares people down with her mouth open. This was all just too great.”Ha-ha yeah…” I said. Nick laughed. I walked away so embarrassed, hearing Nick whisper to Robbie something about me liking him. This was all too mortifying. I had my head down for the rest of class. Then I walked to lunch mortification still clearly apparent on my face, like a red tomato. The first day of Jr. high and I had no idea who to sit next to so I decided I’d scope out the tables while getting my lunch. There was the popular girl table with the blonde artificial cheerleaders, there was the popular guy table with jocks laughing seeing who could chug milk the fastest, there was other miscellaneous tables scattered with people I either didn’t know or had simply not recognized. There were also a couple booths. And there he was, Robbie. He was sitting with Nick laughing. God look at that smile. I wanted to sit there so bad but I couldn’t force myself to potentially undergo that pain and mortification yet again. So I walked out of the lunch line after paying for my food praying someone would yell “Katie!” Even “Catherine!” would be fine because right now all I wanted more than anything was to fit in and not embarrass myself anymore in front of Robbie. So I slowly made my way across the cafeteria and that’s when my heart stopped, “Hey Katie!” I looked and directly to my left I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was Robbie. He was standing. He had gotten up from the booth just to be positive he got my attention. I couldn’t speak but managed to mutter out “Hey Robbie. What’s up?” One sentence and no complete embarrassment, this was a new goal for me. Who knew how many more there was to go? In a way I hoped there’d be many more sentences I’d be able to make it through. He invited me to sit down and that day I laughed the hardest in my life, by far. In my eyes it was love at first sight. In his eyes, it was best friends at first sight. All I could hope for was that one day he could switch that best friend image into something more.

Robbie and I’s friendship lasted for already 8 months, breathing steadily. We sat at lunch every day together, having just as great a time as we had the first day. When he wasn’t there, I was depressed and I don’t know how he coped when I wasn’t there. He came to my birthday party and made me a cute knit hat. Each and every day I was falling harder and suddenly it approached the day before my braces would be strapped to my teeth. I couldn’t imagine what that’d be like. I couldn’t imagine the excruciating pain of braces that would make everything so much more difficult to chew and consume. That would also make my first kiss end up like some bad horror movie where the two lovstruck teenagers didn’t just locked lips but locked the metal on their teeth. Robbie of course being his handsome self was one of those people you despised who had naturally straight teeth and needed no orthodontia.

So there I was in Science, repeating for the millionth time about how I couldn’t believe I had to get braces on. Since over time Nick and I had also talked he knew I’d never been kissed. So Nick playful countered “And still no first kiss!” Robbie turned his head “You’ve never been kissed?” he asked. “Nope”, I replied half matter of fact like and half embarrassed. “Well…um you know I could…um fix that…” Robbie replied and for once he was the one stuttering. I was just stunned, completely taken aback. HE wanted to kiss ME!? Or at least that thought reached his mind in the realm of reality. I couldn’t help but think I was dreaming. “Yeah right.” I replied. “I’m serious. After school. By the oak tree.” He said. “We’ll see.” I countered, hoping he was serious. The whole day seemed to not end. After school. After school. AFTER SCHOOL!!!

Then finally it was time. After school, I grabbed my backpack, and practically sprinted to the oak tree, and of course stop by the mirror to make sure I looked alright. Then I imitated my walk that they have in the movies where everything is in slow motion. There he was. He flipped his hair while looking at his feet then looked up at me. It was like a wedding and he looked up at me like I was a bride walking down the aisle. “Glad you made it” he said. “Me too.” I replied. “I’ve always liked you Katie. Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked. I couldn’t believe it. “Of course!” I replied. Then right there he brushed the hair from my face and leaned in pressing his soft lips against mine, a perfect fit. He pulled away and I had butterflies in my stomach and could hardly breathe. He then walked me to my bus; hands locked and kissed me on the cheek goodbye, in front of everyone. I guess my first year of junior high wasn’t so bad after all.

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