Karma at it's Finest

January 3, 2010
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I live in a world of palm trees and Starbucks, of Wet Seal and Hollister. But that's not me. That's all of the beautiful people, the stupid people, the bitter people. It's freshman year but I'm not afraid. I go to school in grey skinny jeans and a Batman shirt, no make-up. I know I'm beautiful, I know my lashes are long and dark, my skin smooth, my lips full and red. Even if nobody else does. I have my alliances, all I have to do is make them know that they are beautiful too. My alliances, my friends. They are what I have, and they trust me. I can make things better, I will make things better. We will march to the music we love and believe, we will proclaim the city as ours once again. We don't have to fight, we don't have to protest, we do our deed silently, by slimply being who we are. Our numbers grow as does our faith in each other. As Gerard way once said, "We are not a cult. We are an army!" Well, he said that, just with a few more profanities. We are not emo, we are not goth, we are not preps or populars or jocks. We are who we are and we continue to recruit those who need help finding themselves. We can help you be a person, or you can be the one to face karma at it's finest.

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