January 3, 2010
By , Liberty Twp, OH
“NO DON’T LEAVE ME!” I shouted as if I could be heard over the wind screaming at us. He can’t leave me...
“I’ll be gone for a minute. I’ll be right back V., I promise.” He whispered into my ear as he started running out to the black night as I stayed where I was. In that stupid cellar, the prison cell of my life, I’ll admit, he’s brave, but he’s stupid to run and be someone else’s knight in shining armor. I needed him with me. I kept whispering his name over and over, “Stefan...” I woke up screaming. I’ve had that nightmare probably every night since it happened. I never thought that day would come. It started completely normal then I lost more than my reason to live…
“Stefan!” I said as I tackled him, he’s like a bear with how big he got over that week, I thought. Oh, I missed him so much.
“You missed me that much? Geez, maybe I shouldn’t be gone that long.” He joked. I don’t get it we haven’t seen each other in a week and he’s making fun of me already. As we started to walk back to the house he looked up into the sky, “Looks like it’s going to storm soon.”
“Yeah. Anyway, Mamma’s making your favorite dinner inside.” I sang while smiling up to him and twirling a daisy in my hand. He was pretty tall, if I had to guess maybe 5’ 8”, and he had dark brown hair that covered his forehead, he was wearing “A Day To Remember” shirt that he got from their concert we went to, and his favorite jeans. My mamma always knew what would make him happy after driving from the hospital. His dad has cancer, and Stefan lives with us so he doesn’t always have to be in that hospital. “She also said that there’s enough for just us, so I guess they’re going out to eat.”
“Great, I have to take care of you for the rest of the night then, huh.”
“Hey! I can take care of myself, mister.”
“Oh yeah, of course you can, ‘cause last weekend you totally weren’t screaming because a “man eating” spider was in the kitchen, right?”
“Oh, shut up.” I giggled while blushing a little, I just don’t like spiders! He just looked down at me and laughed. I was shorter than him I’ll admit; but I have on my “Escape the Fate” shirt and my black skinny jeans.
He hip-bumped me and shouted, “Last one to the house is a loser!” and took off running. I just laughed and watched him run. When I actually focused, I started running after him through that muddy farm field grabbing at my feet trying to get me to fall. Of course he beat me, but he just hugged me and told me it was a tie.
Once we stepped inside he spoke loud enough so my mamma could hear, “It looks and smells great Mrs. K. Thanks.” while taking a huge amount of mashed potatoes and ribs.
“You’re welcome, just leave enough for little Veronie please.” Mamma smiled, it was her nickname for me since I was 2. Once my dad and her left, we started eating, and he turned on his favorite movie, The Sandlot.
We turned on the weather channel because the clouds were grey; the wind was screaming outside and we do live in Oklahoma and we thought it would be a good idea to check. Once we did, we heard the sirens go off. The weather man was telling everyone in Tulsa, Oklahoma to get to their cellars. We looked outside and then we heard the winds hitting and smacking hard against the house. Stefan and I were running to the cellar and we saw a car driving and get turned over by the winds and Stefan threw me into the cellar and yelled, “I have to go help those people Veronica. I’ll be fine. Stay here.”
“NO DON’T LEAVE ME!” I shouted as if I could be heard over that massive roar. He can’t leave me...
“I’ll be gone for a minute. I’ll be right back V., I promise.” He whispered into my ear as he started running out to the black night as I stayed where I was, just like he told me.
“STEFAN!” I screamed after him but he was too far away to hear me. I went back into the cellar as I knew he was coming back, he promised. I heard the winds knocking against the cellar and I felt like it was knocking on my door moaning, “Death’s here veronica, come on out.”, and Stefan hadn’t come back yet and that meant-that meant Stefan was still out there-that’s when I started worrying.
Minutes later, I heard it pass and I went out, the farm was a mess, the car had disappeared, and so had Stefan. Mamma finally got home and found me and kept asking if I was ok, all I could do was cry and whisper “Where’s Stefan?” She wouldn’t even answer me, but I knew the answer. At that moment, tears streaming down my face, my mascara and eyeliner all over, I was in my misery because Stefan was gone, forever…

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