Grey Dawn

January 2, 2010
Grey waves crashed against a rocky shore. The sky was fairly clear for once. But he now that it was only a mater of time and then the black clouds would roll in again. It was always grey here, cold and wet. The sand crunched under his souls? is the walked up the shore. The ground was littered with rocks of all sizes and color, as well as shells and beach glass. The faded grass up on the high ground waved in the breeze while seagulls cried out to the sky, it was like a plea. A call for mercy. That’s what it was. And his heart cried with them. He felt the waves of life crashing against him like it was trying to break him.
His soul felt torn in two.
That there was no end to this.
But there must be a end.
How could this darkness go on forever?
As if to answer his question the clouds parted, reviling the sun and casting a warm ray upon him. He spread his arms apart and basked in the rare warmth. Yes, there was a end to all of this pain and suffering. There was still goodness in this world, even if it was a little bit. A small ray of hope still shone, you just had to find it. And he found it here, on the grey shores of home. Where the wind howls and the water is cold.
Here was his home.
And here he was going to stay.’
Life may not be easy, but with a little courage and faith it could be a grand adventure.
Just like the one he was starting on today,

For who can feel the loss of time? Who can pour out the healing balm of sisterly affection.
When prejudice is agents us, the whole world falls. And when pride manifest itself into being, the soul can not see the path to unmerciful forgiveness.
With these vengeful feelings and violent lust for the unknown, the heart must with some pain feel the want of tenderness and homesickness.
And how can we begin to understands the transformation that must begin with out the bearer knowing such knowledge.
Until he’s in the middle of it the life which he lives feels no change of mind. All he knows is uncombined comfort of silence and scornful scaring that he will undoubtedly inflict upon his neighbors.
Will you let the merit of this man take on a whole different light then after becoming more aptly aware of the depth of his soul? Or the immeasurably realization of pride being a mask and folly of not his own design?
Can you forget the blast of spiteful scorn of a man who is forever in your debt. Or the separation of more that one person of true family.
For when these things of the world fall away the desire of all that you have not received or beheld is much stronger than that of a sallow isolation.

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