A Day in My Life (part 1)

January 6, 2010
OMG! My brother makes me want to go to college early, so I can get a job at the Empire State Building and push him off the top of it. He is sooooooooooo annoying. Try living in the same house as the most annoying person in the world. And DO NOT go saying, well, my siblings even worse, BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT!!! My brother, oh, he is terrible, and I won’t even tell you what he’s done.

Ok, anyway, let’s see what has happened today. Oh! Ms. Rodriguez gave us back our Algebra test, or quiz, and, I um, got a 65%. Of coarse Mara got an 85%, which is what she thought she was getting, and Kate got a 93%. Great. Just great! Well, that’s the lowest I’ve gotten. Other grades this marking period included 100, 95, 95, and 90. And Ms. Rodriguez is so nice that she drops our lowest grade, so… I guess I’m covered, if she decides to do that. Please, please, please, please, please! I was hoping for a B, but an A this marking period would be EVEN BETTER!

Then after that, Mara and I went up to Social Studies with Mrs. Clark. That lady is evil! She gives us homework that takes five hours, scratches her very long nails on the board, and gives us detention for blinking. Evil? I think SO! Well, today she seemed just as evil, since as soon as we walked into the classroom she yelled curses at us. Pretty much without the curses she said to sit down and watch the movie or she would tie us all to a tree, and then cut it.

She’s super nice! =) Anyway, we watched a movie about slaves, which was kind of sad if you see what they went through. But that class wasn’t so bad since Mrs. Clark decided to keep her mouth shut for once. She should really loose her job. There’s a rumor saying that once, this kid asked her for a pencil, so she killed him, and we can’t find his body because she ate him. She DOES have a pile of bones behind her desk but… Anyway, we don’t ask her for pencils, just in case the rumor is true!

Recess, well, apparently it’s “to cold” to go outside, so we have to sit inside and read for recess. I’ll admit, I have nothing against reading, but to do it for recess when you should be running free (or gossiping) outside, I don’t really enjoy it. I also don’t enjoy it
because, well, you know. Never mind, you don’t! Well that’s it for today! See you another time!

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