Noahs Side part 6

December 30, 2009
I went to each room scrubbing floors. I crawled to my mom’s room and saw her half naked on top of Brian laying wet kisses. Ew. That was on my “things I never want to see” list. They should have just locked the door or something. I scrubbed every inch of the house until it sparkled and my arms ached. I wanted nothing more than to sit on my bed and sleep. As I was making my way to my room I heard my mom yell my name.

“Noah, get down here right now, I need you!” ‘What could she want now?’

I entered her room as Brian was tying up his robe, heading for the shower. He winked at my mom.

“What?” I asked impatiently. I just wanted to S-L-E-E-P

“Noah,” she said slowly

“What?” I repeated, my voice rising slightly.

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