A Letter To The Ten Year Old You Once Were.

December 29, 2009
Dear Sierra,

I know what you are going through right now is arduous. I am here to inform you that what you are going through now with the lament loss of your father is nothing compared to what will happen in the next couple of years. I understand that your mother has just met a man by the name of Matt. Yes, she seems happy now but whatever you do, do not trust this man. The people that you think are your loved ones and friends will turn their backs on you. Gain your strength now and prepare to face the worst. You are going to be needed to be strong for your mother and help her through this too. I can not explain to you about the tragic events that have yet to come. Just know that the things you love are going to slowly fade away. A couple years after these events will happen the most amazing things will happen. The key is you must believe. You will soon learn the most powerful tool in the whole universe. Just remember it is “The Secret” of life. Do not give up hope Sierra, look past the sorrow and look at the bright future ahead of you. I must say that I miss you terrible. I do not know how to explain myself to you, just know I was once a friend and you will soon find me in your future again. You are a very bright girl, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Hold your head up strong and push through whatever is thrown at you. Your mother is behind you one hundred percent and, she always will be. Your going to learn that high school is just as tough as it sounds, and that when you believe anything is possible. You are a hard worker, and your going to be just as stubborn as your mother and grandmother. Also, all the advice your mother has given you will come into effect. By the way, she was right as always. I hope one day I can find you again.
A person you once knew.

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