The Hartland Gang

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

For the past five years, Hartland has been the center of crime. The rate of crime has become rampant. The Hartland Law Enforcement has been successful in capturing 10 of the unknown total of culprits roaming our streets. The governor suspects that the rate will decrease, and will be depleted within the next five to seven years. Do we have that long?

A student of Arrowhead Union High School was walking home after school to find a flagrant mark on his front door. His heart began to race, and the student went to panic. The sweat was dripping from his forehead? He slowly approached his door. Deeply carved in the wood was a turtle. A turtle? “Who would make such an inane mark?” The student’s mother called the authorities at once, demanding answers. After being on the phone for an hour, the mother stated that the Hartland police have yet to come to a conclusion to who is carving random markings in the front doors of family’s homes. They also admonished every caller who reported this marking on their door. Be on the lookout, there is a clandestine gang on the loose in our city. The members are inexorable. Where did they come from? And why would they choose Hartland?

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