December 15, 2009
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When the room is quiet and the time is late shadows move across my floor whispering things of unpleasantness in my ear cold and hollow they things are and as I watch them play and prance apron my walls I shut my eyes and wish for no more

But when I am lonely or feeling down a demean inside me starts to come out I know he is in my head but just to make sheer I reach out and try to touch his slimy red and discussing arm.
he is friendly and nice most of the time and tryst to cheer me up with his riddles and rimes making funny faces and cracking wise jokes like the old why the chicken cross the road
But his orange eyes and teeth of horrible preachers crawling through it always make me sick

Some people say that I just image it to get attention but little do they know of my actual intentions I see him in my room as I play my game and I feel his warmth or he has I know what all of you are probably thinking I am mad but listen to wind at night and tell me I am

Fire coming from within and voices that torment me to the point of insanity slowly scratching my leg and making noises like on a chalkboard with nails sound.
My dreams are my only safe place where I can live in harmony with the demeans that creep through the shadows towards my soul

But the one that helps and is my friend is the voice in the back of my head that slowly wisped his name Kagamagi he says as I close my eyes

Screams inside I shall never die!

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