The Bump

November 4, 2009
I wondered what happened to this chair? I was sitting on it and it floated off! Wait it was rising! Who going to be at the top? The Devil? God? AAA! I broke free of something and a man was standing above me with a chair! We were inside a house that was inside a pumpkin that was on a paper in a girls hand. “Were am I?” Thump. I was knocked out.

What happened? Were am I? All I saw was blackness. I thought I was blind. Than Thump, thump, Thump. What was that noise? Than a different man appeared with something that shot death and pain! He called it a gun.

A million questions floated through my mind as the bump grew bigger and bigger. I was shocked to see a woman float out of my carpet on a chair! I was confused than without further hesitation I hit her on the head. Now my son was down there questioning her. Than he staggered upstairs with a bullet through his arm and the woman ran up stairs and jumped on the chair witch went back down in the hole and we never saw her again.

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