October 19, 2009
By , Fort Worth, TX
The food is too sweet, says my tongue. Too much, claims my stomach. Get it out of here! yells my belly and my fingers, solidary as they are, help him to get rid of it. That’s better, says my stomach satisfied. My belly nods. But look, whisper my eyes, the tears dropping on the bathroom-floor! That’s wrong, screams my brain, that’s sick. I’m lonely, thinks my heart, but it’s too afraid to say it out loud. Why have you done that? screams my brain. It’s angry. Shh, whisper my ears, be quiet! Can’t you hear that? My fingers are pointing at the stomach and the belly. It’s not our fault! What’s that noise? ask my ears. We aren’t guilty either, we didn’t eat that much! They look at my mouth accusingly. Yeah, okay, but who told me so? says my mouth. Everybody looks at the stupid brain that caused all the trouble. But before it can say anything my ears interrupt it. WHAT’S THAT NOISE? Every one is quiet and now they can hear it: Someone is sobbing and crying. They look at me. What’s wrong? asks my heart. Stop arguing, I say, it’s making me sick. Friends? they suggest. Yes, I agree. They give me a hug.

We are a team, I remind them.

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