I'm Back

December 22, 2009
By , Beverly Hills, CA
“Hey Kara!” I turned around only to be splashed with a fresh carton of chocolate milk. Standing in the hallway with the smell of chocolate milk seeping into my new clothes, I started to cry. I ran into the bathroom, only to see Mia applying lip gloss. She looked at me, laughed and walked out with her friends.

I cried even more and splashed water onto my face and looked up into the mirror. My mascara was messed up, and my shirt was brown. I could see my bra, clearly through my white t-shirt. I leaned on the sink and started to sob, and just like that, it was over.

I opened my eyes to see Toto standing on my stomach, with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. It was a dream, a horrible dream. But yet, it was still real. That was the worst day of my life. I was an 8th grader, and that was one of the main reasons why I decided to go to a private school in Napa Valley, where I would know no one.

But now, my mom forced me to come back to West Hill High School. My three older sisters never went to a private school, because they had always been beautiful, and never made fun of. Although I had grown up, a lot, I was still afraid to face everyone who once hated me.

“Get up, loser!” Lena yelled. “It’s the first day of school! Aren’t you excited?” She asked sarcastically.

I didn’t answer, and instead slowly got myself out of bed. After taking 5 minutes just to walk the length of my room, I made it to the bathroom. I took a shower, and dried my hair. I looked through my closet for an outfit. Although my closet was the size of most people’s rooms, I couldn’t seem to find anything.

Lena walked into my room with a towel on. Her hair was still wet and curly. But it wouldn’t be like that for long. Lena was obsessed with labels and products. Every morning, she straightened her hair, and lined her face with chunks of eyeliner. Most of her clothes were from Abercrombie & Fitch, or Hollister, while I usually shopped at Old Navy, Gap, and Goodwill. Although we were completely opposite, Lena and I were like best friends.

“Oooh! You should wear this!” She pulled out my only Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt and held it up with a bright smile.

“No, Lena. I’m not into that. And anyway, this is my first day seeing these people since 8th grade. I want to present myself.”

“Whatever!” She rolled her eyes and walked away. I looked through my closet again and decided on my new dark wash jeans. On top, I wore a gray tank top, and blue button-down. Although I knew that my sisters would yell at me for wearing my worn flip flops, I put them on anyway.

I checked my hair one last time and put some mascara on. As I walked downstairs, I heard Toto barking, and Carissa trying to shut him up. I turned around the corner, and Natalie, mom, and Carissa turned to look, and smile. Within 10 seconds, Carissa noticed my flip flops. “Uh, no. You are not wearing flip flops.”

“Yes I am!” I knew how much that annoyed Carissa, especially because she only wore flip flops when she was getting a pedicure, or if she were on the beach.

She rolled her eyes and went back to reading the horoscope in the paper. “Well, I love those jeans!” Natalie said.

“Well, thanks.” I said, looking at Carissa. She looked up, and looked like she didn’t care. Being Carissa’s sister, I was used to her never giving compliments, but Natalie always did. Natalie and Carissa’ relationship was just like mine and Lena’s. They’re opposites, but best friends.

I walked to the freezer and got some chocolate chip EGGO waffles out. I stuck them in the microwave and sat down. Without looking up, Carissa said, “Do you know how many carbs and fats are in one of those things?”

“Of course I do. But it’s not like I care.”

Carissa shook her head, and shut up. Then Lena walked down the stairs. Her hair was straight, and her bangs were pulled back. She was wearing skinny jeans, knee-high boots, and a Hollister top. Of course, Carissa said nothing because Lena wasn’t wearing flip flops.

Lena got some raisin bran out of the cabinet and some milk from the fridge. She sat down to eat it, not caring about her lip gloss getting messed up. As always, she had thick black eyeliner on and lengthening mascara. But she didn’t need it, and although I told her that everyday, Lena never listened. She had bright green eyes and perfect skin. Lena was the only girl I knew who had never gotten a zit anywhere on her body.

When I was in middle school, I had enough zits to share with Lena, but of course, I was stuck with them all. I also have boring brown eyes, and wavy brown hair. The worst kind. Both Carissa and Natalie were also blessed with great looks. Carissa has an amazing face structure and dark hair with pale blue eyes. And Natalie also has dark hair with green eyes. All of my sisters were gorgeous, and I was stuck with the mediocre genetics, which is why I got made fun of all throughout middle school.

“Ready?” Lena said, and I looked up.

“Uh, yeah,” I mumbled. I got my bag and cell phone. As I was walking out the door, I realized I left my waffles in the microwave, and ran to get them. Then I got to Lena’s car (a red Mercedes Benz) and sat down on the new leather seats. The car still smelled like she had just bought it, and I couldn’t get comfortable in the leather.

We drove in silence, and I could hear my heart beating faster than ever before. Lena turned on the radio, which calmed me, until she turned it to a rock station, which was playing Smells like Teen Spirit, and I couldn’t calm down anymore.

Then, she pulled up to school, and parked in an open spot near the front. She unbuckled, grabbed her bag and got out. I reluctantly followed and walked beside her into school. We probably didn’t look like sisters at all because she was about five inches taller than me, and completely different looking.

The front doors were open, and above them was a sign that read: WELCOME ALL STUDENTS TO WEST HILL HIGH SCHOOL! We walked in and were met by a huge cluster of people, who stopped to look at us, as we paused in the doorway in order for people to move. It seemed like everyone was only looking at me, but Lena didn’t notice. And as we started walking, I saw Adam, who I liked for so long, but he never talked to me. Then I saw Mia, the mean girl who was so b*****, that I wish I would have slapped her when I got the chance. And last, I saw someone I didn’t recognize. He was tall, had messy brown hair. I could see his bright blue eyes, although we were about 100 feet apart. Before I could get the chance to stare at him one more second, Lena pulled me the other way.

I needed to know what his name was.

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