The Great Schism

December 22, 2009
By jp257 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
jp257 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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“Well you’re just a stupid nerd who plays video games all day and has no friends,” says Charlie, “nobody cares about you.” Day after day Tommy is ridiculed and made fun of. Charlie has become an anathema to Tommy and all Tommy wants is to expunge Charlie out of his life. Forever.

Charlie walks through the halls with his flamboyant and ostentatious personality and gives Tommy evil glares. This makes Tommy feel more timorous and fractious. What makes Tommy even angrier is that Charlie and he were once best friends. From the time they were four until the 7th grade. At the end of 7th grade, a schism occurred and they broke off into two separate friend groups. Tommy was now a gamer and Charlie was the jock.

It’s been four years since Charlie and Tommy have been friends. Charlie is still the superstar jock and Tommy still remains a gamer. There was one day where Tommy finally couldn’t take it any longer. Charlie made a trip to Tommy’s house to key his car, break his windows and deflate his tires. Tommy woke up to find his car destroyed. Just like any morning he was less than jaunty, but this morning he was more fractious than ever. He needed revenge. He had to truncate Charlie from his life. Forever.

That day he did what he hadn’t done in a long time. Put on a jaunty attitude and acted like nothing was wrong. Charlie asked how his car was. Tommy just ignored him. He would see the revenge tonight. Tommy was going to make a visit to Charlie’s house.

Tommy went home and drew up the plans on how he was going about the revenge. He found a ski mask at the top of his closet and dressed himself in all black. Sneaking out of his window was more than difficult but he knew it would be worth it. He trudged through his yard, only to find a baseball bat his brother forgot to put away. His plan was going better than expected. He arrived at Charlie’s house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. He crept by Charlie’s window. It was time to attack.

He smashes the window with the baseball bat. Glass shatters all throughout the room and Charlie awakes. He sees what Tommy is pointing in his direction, “Don’t do this Tommy, I’m so sorry.” This doesn’t stop Tommy from completing his plan. His utopia was a pull of the trigger away. He was not going to give in this time. His plan was complete with one last sound. BANG!

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