The supernatural

December 20, 2009
I wish I could spend the night alone, but he insists that he stay with me. I look out the window and the darkness reminds me that there is no hope. He brings me closer to his arms, and his body is burning against my cool skin. I try to pull free from his strong grip, but because of his gentleness, I refuse to let go. I snuggle in closer my calf’s on the other side of the couch and lay my head against his shoulder. He wraps his arm around my head and his hand dangles from the other side. I decide that now is the time to let it out. I could feel his body drawing me in and telling me “its okay Michelle, let it out. Just let it all out.” I feel my eyes swelling up and my lip quivers slightly. I squeeze his elbow as I turn around and weep silently onto his sleeve. He rubs my back and lays his head on my head, caressing me, telling me that it’ll be all right repeatedly. But will it? I ask. My soft cries begin to turn into sobs. It wont I tell my self. It won’t it wont IT WONT! NO!! I cry harder squeezing his elbow and upper arm harder. I know I am causing him pain, but my torturing is worse. Please. STOP! STOP IT PLEASE! I want him to kill the pain. To protect me, but he cant. As big and strong as he is, he can only protect me outside. My insides are tearing up at the moment. My heart is blowing up into shreds. I scream harder as I feel the bits go everywhere. I’m hallucinating I think or I’m just plain crazy to actually think that my heart is erupting.
I wake up to the soft light from my windowsill hitting the side of my face. I stand up on my elbow looking around frantically for Gray. He’s nowhere in my room. He usually sits on the edge of my bed until I wake up, but he’s not in here. Last nights scene begins to drift back to me and I am not sure that it ever happened in the first place. I stagger out of bed and run to the bathroom in my clothes from last night. I take them of while running and turn on the shower. I step in carefully not to fall, yet carelessly. The water hits my face and pounds hard against my body like a drum. My heart and the strong pounding of the water collide together in harmony and I close my eyes. My hearts still here I thought. I wash my hair carefully feeling every strand of my auburn hair. My naked body is covered with the hot water and my stress is relieved. It is being washed away by nature’s greatest power. I step out of the shower finally feeling clean with no sign of the pain from last night. I look into the mirror and find a strange face. Her eyes are swollen and she looks terrified. Her wet hair drawn backwards reveals her face completely. Her pale skin, her green eyes like the color of leaves, her beautiful naked body. I went down to my stomach and put my hand on it. My stomach was a little swollen and I remembered my mother. I’m pregnant I thought. And now there’s no turning back.
I wrapped my towel around myself and got out of the bathroom. My room was full of light and I had to squint my eyes. I grabbed a white shirt, gray sweatpants, and my underwear. I slid my shirt on top of my breasts. I put my underwear on and slowly put one leg then the other through my sweats. I walked to the kitchen thinking that I should call Gray. I walked to the refrigerator and grabbed goat cheese and some bread. I keeled down and felt a strong dab on my chest. “aaahhhhh!” I grabbed myself and fell to the floor. My hair fell to my face and I couldn’t get up. What was that? I think. My mind is floating with questions. I am just in the beginning of pregnancy, I thought. I couldn’t be feeling it already. But I was absolutely sure it was the baby.
I fell completely to the floor as I felt another kick, this time on my kidney. I sucked in my breath as if I never felt pain so harsh before. I felt arms going around my waist. Gentle hands. Gray. I didnt say anything as he picked me up and held me in his arms. He whispered in my ear: you better be careful or you’ll kill yourself and the baby. He pulled away hesitantly and took me to the couch. I sat with a sigh and looked at my stomach again. There was a tiny bump. Not like I see with the big pregnant woman. I looked almost the same as I did before. Almost. “What is going on?” I say wincing at the pain. “There a few things you should know Michelle. I am different. Not an ordinary human.” “What do you mean” I ask. I am confused. “You are as much as a human as I am.” He smiles and scoffs. “ I’m not what you think I am…” he looks away to the side. “Then what are you?” I get up and turn his head so we could look each other in the eyes. “I’m a supernatural.” “ A vampire?” I ask thinking of Twilight. “No. I’m worse than that.” “Tell me Gray. You know you could tell me.” We sit there in silence for a while. He takes a big sigh and says, “I’m a werewolf.” He turns his head away from shame and I know that he is on the horizon of tears. “That’s why your baby is so big. It’s a werewolf.” I look at him unbelievingly. My eyes widen and I sit still in the state of shock. “I…I… why didn’t you tell me?” I whisper so softly you could barely hear. There was no response so I get up and walk away. Still confused wondering if this is all just a big dream. I close my door behind me as I collapse onto the floor into a world of darkness.
In my dream, I was giving birth. Gray was nowhere to be seen, but I wasn’t worried. The baby didn’t seem to want to come out. The doctors tried everything, but it just wouldn’t. Soon enough it will come out. When it’s the right time. I thought. Then it began to push itself out. The blood drained from my face and I was dying. In a matter of seconds, a strange creature leaps out of me and stands on 4 legs. It’s huge. Hairy. A dog. I see Gray’s face. It’s Gray! I try to run away, but there’s nowhere to run. His canine teeth are sticking out and his drool is dripping on my bed. He rocks back and forth and launches on me. Before he reaches me I hear a high-pitched scream. I looked around for the woman to see what’s going on, but I cant. There is no one in the room but Gray and me. I had a strange thought for a second that it might have been me, but get distracted when Gray falls straight on me and sticks his fangs in my flesh. I hear the scream again and slide away into the same darkness forever.

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alicecullen said...
Feb. 10, 2010 at 9:09 am
please read my story!!!!!!!!!!!!
alicecullen said...
Jan. 26, 2010 at 7:35 pm
guys, please do read my story! i know i need to fix my paragraphs, but i was really excited to post this so i didn't pay attention to it. i realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to hear from you guys! PLEASE!
PoetLaureate07 replied...
Mar. 5, 2010 at 10:37 pm
I honestly lov it!!! I didn't fully understand the dream, though... its is a truly wonderful story!!!
try checking out some of my poetry, and i am in the middle of wrinting a story right now... no supernaturals or anything, but a love story... =)
alicecullen replied...
Mar. 6, 2010 at 2:10 pm
thank you! I was waiting so long for someone to read it! and i will definitely check out your writing! btw, could you tell me what exactly you didn't understand about the dream?
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