December 18, 2009
By InsertNameHere BRONZE, Hamden, Connecticut
InsertNameHere BRONZE, Hamden, Connecticut
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Hands shaking and wet from sweating, she grabbed the shimmering pink nail polish that glistened into the store’s bland yellow light. It was the first time she had ever done it. You know, shoplift. She’d done many things she’s not proud of, but this has to be the worse. Why steal this overrated item anyway? Simple; she couldn’t have it. The fact that she couldn’t get it made it even more desirable. She tried asking for it, using all the “pleases” she was allowed to use in a lifetime. Her mom just shook her head as if shaking away her daughter’s hope. Why should a head shake stop her? She was intelligent. The real crime would be not using this intelligence at all. But she was wrong. And not smart, but incredibly stupid. As soon as her mother turned her back to her, her little 9-year old fingers swiped the nail polish and ripped the tag off. Just in case. Then with perfect timing, she pocketed her desired item as soon as her mother turned back around. “Won’t these look adorable on your brother,” was all she said as she held up a set of toddler clothing. She did this on and off for a year or two. But her luck eventually ran out. After all these time, who knew she would get caught stealing a simple lollipop. Don’t worry, she didn’t lie. So at least she’s proud of that part. But on the other hand, she was also not too fond of belts now. Unfortunately, this didn’t teach the girl her lesson. She couldn’t be forced into a conscience. But luckily, she didn’t have to be. Sooner or later, the once stupid little girl grew a brain and a conscience on her own and she has not taken anything that’s not hers ever since. Well, her brother’s stuff doesn’t count.

The author's comments:
This is just a fun little, random piece. It's based on a small part of my childhood.

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