Dogs Fighting

October 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Spooky is slashing Smokey with a fierce bite. I don’t know if it was just me or the fight but it sure was crazy. Once I saw the blood I had to stop the vicious fight after all Smoky was my youngest dog I couldn’t let Spooky destroy him.

I train my dogs every day for about an hour just to keep them in shape. Every day I go check if there’s any competition for Smoky I’ve only have had him for about 2 years so he needs a little more practice. I’ve probably had have my dogs fight every dog in the state. Seines I started this business I have only lost one fight. That was I the competition I was at the finals and French. Spooky lost and seines then I’ve been scared to put spooky into fights. That same spooky had to fight this big mean dog. Every one said that it was one of them dogs from the competition was coming up in a few weeks I didn’t know when because they did them in random days every year. O yea did I forget to mention the winner of the competition got a million dollars and a big trophy. A copal of days later I went to check if there was any sine of the competition and there I was it said in one week and a half. All I did was the usual I trained my dogs harder because I really needed the money.

The day of the competition came I thought I was ready. When we got their I saw lots o competition. The first fight it was essay for smoky so I decided to let spooky fight for one fight. The competition was going good for me I was in 3rd place out of five dogs left. Now I am in the finals and the worst of luck the dog that one of my dogs were going to have to fight was the dog that spooky had lost to. The fight was about to start and I had to decide with do was going to fight. At the end I decided spooky I said to myself you need to take a risk. As soon as the fight started the big French dog just bitted spooky leg. Spooky was trying to fight back but the only attempt he got he bit the dog’s neck. The big dog got mad and out of knower he kicked spooky on the face then bit his neck. Spooky was on the floor and the other dog was standing over him the expression on his face it has scary. I closed my eyes because I knew what he was going to do. When I opened my eyes spooky was dead. As I walked out with smoky I said to myself this was the worst day of my It was a mistake letting spooky fight.

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its about dogs

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