Writings of an Adolescence

October 11, 2009
By Anonymous

We all know through our life experiences that most things never turn out the way we plan or want
Some things are out of our control and you could call it fate or destiny but its really just the way you live your own life, your decisions, your losses and your victories
But we never really know what we want. One day left will seem like a more logical, practical choice and then tomorrow the road less traveled will seem more adventurous, spontaneous
And of course there are a few lucky people on this planet that seem to have their life in check everything in order everything perfectly fine
But still we know through life, love, loss, failure and success that perfect is a word that should never be used to describe anything. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect.

We go through change constantly, our minds always racing, thinking, and planning
People change us like friends’ families loved ones
So many things in this day and age will change the way you look at the world sometimes for the best or maybe it was just meant to be that way
A girl can change you
Your first love
Your first heartbreak
Your first depression
And sooner than you think you back to normal and better than ever
A summer with new friends can change you
Your first smoke
Your first drink
Your first sexual experience
But summers never last the earth's seasons will go on no matter how hard we try to keep things the way we like. We really don’t have that kind of control but we learn to live on and to accept these things.

It most likely seems illogical that I a mere boy of 15 is writing about life, I've never experienced war, sex, true love and happiness, or true heartbreak and depression but what I have experienced I would like to share with you and my thoughts, my opportunities, my downfalls, and my life. I may be young but the young ones always have the best stories.

Whenever I think back to my earliest memory I see myself at four years old telling my mom I wanted to start school. School for me up until high school was a breeze, no challenge, no effort. It’s sad now that I despise school and everything about it, the jerk teachers, the anxiety of failing or a poor grade on a test and especially the people you meet there. Of course not everyone on the earth is a total jerk but a good majority of people will treat you like sh*t for what reason? Just because that’s how life goes. But then again those people don’t grow up to write books so I guess it was a good thing for me. I would never consider myself to be a loner but I was never the most social person either. All throughout my school years I stuck with just one really close friend. Of course it wasn’t the same person all throughout school but the first one I can remember is Eric. Eric Taylor was my closest friend from about 2nd grade up until 7th. Within those five years we had plenty of good memories and not really any arguments that I can remember we just seemed to drift apart. Now 8th grade was a fun year. This is when I tried being more social and having more friends. Well I hated it especially because I went to middle school with a bunch of two face idiots.

Well now I'm at the start of my high school career but life would have that instead of me being happy at a public school like any other normal boy, I'm stuck at ST. JOSEPHS PREP. I'm too young to say this was the worst decision I've ever made because indefinitely I'm not going to regret going to school there when I graduate from a really good college. But I have my reasons for not enjoying going there and ill put that in a nice list for you

Reasons for disliking prep schools
No girls
No girls
No girls
The work is much harder
Harder to make new friends if you don’t know anyone

But it really is a nice school so too make up for it ill make another list on the Pros

Reasons for liking prep schools

The author's comments:
me and my friend are still in the process of writing this but i just wanted to know how it is so far.

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