October 3, 2009
It was the worst pain in my life and it all ended with cry from a newborn baby.
"Congratulations, It's a Girl" The doctor said as the baby continued to cry. I looked at the baby, It had my dark chocolate brown hair and her father's eyes. I started to happily cry, I had waited for nine months for this moment.

The moment she was cleaned up, She was brought to me. She was beautiful, Everything about her was, From her hair to her mysterious green-grey eyes. She opened her eyes, and seemed to smile at me.

Wyatt came in a short time later, carrying a dozen pink roses and a little teddy bear. He smiled and walked over to me and her. I smiled back at him and looked back at her. Thats when I first realized, This was my family now.

"Did you name her yet?" He asked gently stroking the baby's hair.
"No, I was waiting for you." I thought for a moment. I didn't know what to name her. He was thinking too, I could tell.
"Hmm..." He softly said "What about Chelsea, After your sister?" I was about to cry when he said that we could name her after my sister. My sister had died a couple of months before her niece was born. "Really?"
"Ok, How about Chelsea Rosalie? Rosalie, After your mother."
"Sounds Perfect." He said as I gently handed him the baby. I looked at them. They looked so perfect together, Like they were meant for each other. Chelsea looked perfectly content in her father's arms.

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