why me?

September 30, 2009

He sat, looking out thw window, with a strange grin. What or whom is he thinking about? I see him sit in that seat every day, and never have i seen him do that. He's the kind of guy that is known as "hot" or "popular" he plays football, has the "hot" girlfriends, and goes to all the major parties. He's not the guy who sits, staring out windows, but i myself have never actually talked to him. I just pass him in the halls, he smiled to me once, but really it could have been someone else, or i dont know. But that smile made me day. I admit now that i have a crush on him, i think every girl in this school does. So why is it that we waste are time thinking about him, dreaming about him, wanting to actually talk to him, rather than just see him. I turn around, but just for a second, and see him staring at me. I blush, and turn around quickly, hoping that he did not see me. I breath quickly, My heart seems to be beating faster and faster every minute. I think to myself, was he looking at me? Was he looking at the teacher? Or am i just imaging what just happend? So many questions starting poping into my head, but i think of only one more thing, why?
Why am i wondering about this, this is stupid, im obesiong over nothing. The bell rings and everyone is packing up their things and leaving for their next class or to meet up with friends. Me? I go and find Scott, he's my best friend and means everything to me, but we are just friends... i think.
I start to stand up, but i feel a hand tap my shoulder, i turn around and see him, smiling at me.
I hear someone yell his name "Chris, come on".
Chris, the "hot" guy, the guy who gets every girl just tapped my shoulder, and i think again, why?
"Your name is elli, right?"
"yeah," yeah is all i could manage to get out.
He grabbed my hand and he held it, and stared into my eyes, "I have been watching you, and i think that you are, diffrent."
"I mean in the good way," he still was holding my hand.
He leans in, leaning in to kiss me? ME?
I step away, Baffeled.
"Whats the problem?" he asks.
With out answering i turn around and head for the door, i run down the hallway to my locker, i see scott standing, his back to me. I smile, this is where i want to be.

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