Baseball Is My Game

December 18, 2009
By Anonymous

I remember a time when I was playing baseball in the backyard, and my brother, Brendan, hit the ball into the bush. I ran to get the ball out of the bush. When I reached in, a duck bit me. I guess it thought I was trying to steal one of her eggs that she was sitting on. My mom said,” I have never seen you run that fast in my life.”

I started to play baseball for a recreational team, but my parents quickly found out how competitive I was. When we were on the field, I was ready to play. It was as if the baseball was calling my name. My other teammates were out in the field picking up grass and stones and throwing them at each other. I did not like this at all. I was there to play! After I played a season at the recreational level, I decided to try out for a select team. This team was the Cincinnati Riverbats. I made it, and I was more excited than a pig in a mud hole!

I have been playing for the Riverbats since I was seven years old and yes, I am still playing for them. When I was twelve years old, my team took the trip of a lifetime. We were invited to play in Cooperstown, New York! There ninety-seven teams invited to play in the tournament. Just like U2 on stage at a concert, we rocked the playing field! We came in thirty-second place! We stayed in dorms and rode in an awesome bus to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. Our team in now posted in the Cooperstown Little League Hall of Fame. We even received a ring! That was the best baseball experience I have ever had. I hope to finish my select baseball career with the Cincinnati Riverbats.

However, what might top the Cooperstown experience is to make the Lakota West Firebirds baseball team. I can then say, all this hard work paid off.

The author's comments:
This is a story of how I started to play baseball. When I was two, there was never a time when I didn’t have a baseball in my hand.

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