What Goes Around Comes Around

December 17, 2009
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It all comes down to strategy. The perfect plan. I had it; all I needed was the tape. That tape would change everything.
My name is Allie; I’m probably the most insecure person in the world. I worry about everything, plus more. I don’t really have friends, unless you count the boy that sits next to me in CP Algebra, who asks me for a pencil everyday? Basically, I’m a grain of sand on the whole entire beach. My parents want nothing to do with me. Erin, my sister, is the picture perfect daughter. Straight A’s, captain of the cheerleading squad, and her boyfriend is the starting quarterback on our high school football team. Shocker, right? I was ready for a change, and I wasn’t in any position to wait. It’s always:
“Allie, how come Erin get A’s on her assignments, and you’re always failing?” Complains Mom.
Or, “Allie, why don’t you ever tryout for a sport, and not rot away on the couch eating potato chips for the rest of your life?” Dad sternly says.
Although I’m not the most “in shape” girl in the world, they don’t need to tear me up inside about it.

Every morning I catch the bus, as my sister drives away to school in her new 1948, cherry red mustang that she “earned” with her hard work in school. After I failed my drivers test 5 times in a row, I decided to just give up on driving.
Everyone loved my sister, everyone, except me.
She drove me insane, with her perfection and poise. Whenever I saw her, I thought about smacking that “innocent” smile off of her face. Erin couldn’t be a bigger pain in my butt. Nobody sees the side of her that she shows me. She treats me like crap, and I am beyond sick of it. Erin isn’t the person she portrays herself to be; I was going to prove that to everybody. I already had a brilliant plan to take her down, but I needed the perfect time to do it, so that everyone in the school would see who Erin Herring really was deep down inside.
A few weeks ago I went to the video store, spending the money I had saved up from my allowance to buy a miniature spy video camera. The cost of it didn’t matter; I decided that I couldn’t live with Erin being like she is for the rest of my life. When I was walking home that day, ideas were rushing through my brain. I decided on hiding the devise in my room somewhere, so that the next time she came in to yell at me, I could catch it, therefore showing everyone at our school! It was perfect, especially after our brawl last night.
Erin of course; was running for student body President, because she’s perfect and all. Today she was showing a video persuading people to vote for her, during lunch.

Where everybody would be, so everyone will watch it, and most importantly everyone will change their precious minds about Erin. I was thrilled!
This morning I woke up early, while she was still in bed. I went through the whole house searching for that video. I finally found it! Excitedly taking it upstairs into my room, I switched it out for the video that I taped last night, of Erin dissing me. When I was finished, I put it back in the exact place I found it.
The day passed by quickly, before I knew it, it was already time for lunch. As soon as everyone sat down with all their friends, the gossiping started. As I sat down alone, I waited in anticipation for what was about to happen, when out of nowhere:
“Hey girl, move!” Sara Wells, a.k.a. the meanest girl at school sassed at me, “This is our table, it always has been.”
Sick of holding back on everything, “last time I checked, I sit here every day, ‘girl.’ You can go sit over there,” I pointed over to the table that the complete nerds sit at. Let’s just say that the girls sitting there would die to be in the position I was in. Yes, me. It feels kind of good knowing that there’ll always be somebody looking up to me. “Seems like you would fit in well,” I snapped.
“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Sara cautioned.
“Sara Wells, the girl everyone hates, right?” I smirked as she gasped, “yeah, I have a clue.”

Watching her storm off, my eyes stayed wide open with disbelief. I couldn’t believe I just told-off the girl who had been making everybody’s lives a disaster the day
she moved here from Detroit. I’d never felt like I had that much power before, it felt amazing.
Soon after, Erin stood up on the stage as expected, to give her little speech that sounded nothing short of perfection. When she popped in that tape I sat up. All of the sudden:
“Allie, shut up! You have no authority speaking to me like that! Having you as a sister is the most embarrassing thing in the world! You’re the exact reason why I don’t bring friends home,” Erin’s voice echoed throughout the lunch room.
Everyone looked shocked. They looked at Erin, then at me, then back at Erin in astonishment. As I looked up at Erin, her eyes were like the devil staring back at me. I didn’t feel a bit of remorse. I stood up, gave the class of 2010, a big smile and walked out of the lunch room.
Revenge couldn’t have ever felt better. What goes around, comes around. Hey, it’s called karma.

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