My Life As A Snowflake

December 16, 2009
By CaseyMick SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
CaseyMick SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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The Snowflake and the Journey to the Ground.

Sydney Salt was sitting outside one day when Wallace Water Vapor evaporated from a puddle below her. While Wallace Water Vapor was rising he cooled off and got stuck to Sydney Salt. As they floated upwards they created billions of tiny droplets that came together and formed a gray Cumulonimbus cloud.

The air was freezing out side the cloud when I was born. I froze to my brothers as soon as I was born. As we froze together we got bigger and bigger until the cloud couldn’t support our weight and we fell of it.

As we were falling we hit a bird and we broke in half but we still kept falling. My brothers and I were very scared of falling now that we hit the bird. We tried to entertain our selves by counting the clouds that we pasted.
We finally reach the ground with a crunch. We were so relieved that we didn’t notice the shovel that was to pick us up and throw us onto a big pile of snow. What we did notice is that the big snow pile kept flying into the air because a giant thing kept jumping into it. When the shovel picked us up we tried to escape but it was no use. We got throw into the pile and SPLAT!

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