December 16, 2009
By Anonymous

So there I was my next opponent. His name Alexander they said he was good boxer but that was there apoin, but it mine turn to prove every body wrong .so we met face to face and eye to eye we put our gloves up ready to fight he was the first one to throw a punch at my stomach I used my right arm to block then use my left to hit him in the face it work he step back to reign his stamina then before he could do that I punch him in the gut he fell back and the round is over .the second round is coming I am at the corner getting ready to fight and the other opponent isn’t ready but he has to be . The bell ring dings, ding, and ding. Were ready to fight so he throw the first hit and I dodge it then I hit him in the face, then hit him in the stomach, then in the ribs, then in the gut.

Two weeks past it was in the summer vacation. I told my mom if I can go to mix martial art then she said no and aren’t you still in boxing then I said no then she said there not I enough money. Then I went upstairs to watch my 46 inch of plasma TV then I thought to my self I would need a sponsor and a trainer so I would qualify for the mix martial art. But aim not going to do it right now is to hard to find a sponsor I need to work hard so I can a sponsor for me but if I cant is going to ruin me and my life but I am not letting this happen to me.

So then I went to my friends house his name was nick he dad I a doctor and his mom is relaters and there house is big and the color is all white. So I went in front of the house and knock some body heard it and came in front of the door and my friend open the door and I told him if could come in and he said yes so went upstairs. His room was so cool is walls was fur and the color is black and got a two 55 inch plasma TV screen it was so cool then we play games like halo 3 online and resident evil 5. Then we talk then went to the back yard to paint ball gun I got yellow color and he got red but it look like blood then he said do you wont to bet I said alright then I said if I won you have to sponsor me in mix material art then he said alright then he said if I won you have to be my body guard and you have to work for free then I said ok .then we took opposite end of the yard it to 30 min and finally I won the I said good gob know you have to sponsor me, then he said a deal is a deal then I said I will be a body guard for you for free then he said ok thank you.

The author's comments:
when i wrote this .it was exaltey true it was in the summer and i wont to try so many thing but not just down and invent but something iam really good at

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