The suicide note

September 1, 2009
All i could do is sit there and think to myself how could she do this to me. Was i not good enough for her or did someone else have something to do with it? Either way it goes she was not mine anymore. I couldn't eat, sleep, or even think. She had been all i had known for the past two years. She promised to be mine forever but forever was shorter than i thought. She told me she wanted to marry me. I guess that was a lie. I want to hate her so bad but i love her to much to do that. Maybe these past two years have been nothing but a big lie. How could i have been so blind? Now i wish i never met her.

"Why are you making this such a big deal London?" She asked me. "I love you but i guess thats not enough for you." I replied. "Well i love you to but i cant do this anymore." I hate it when people use the excuse "cant do this anymore" its not even legit. "I still wanna be friends, London." Ahh... Another thing i hate... Friends? Like it will ever be the same now? Before i knew it i had turned around and walked away from her to keep her from seeing me cry. My only thoughts at this point were how can someone throw something good away for nothing. Sometimes i wish i knew the answer to that question. But i guess im not as smart as i thought.

Days passed. She didnt bother calling or texting. I didnt either. If she wasnt going to why should i? I guess im just to mad to. Everytime i see something that reminds me of her i want to break down. But i have to be strong.
Finally I had enough of the abandonment and spent some time with my family. Pretending as if nothing were wrong. I made sure they knew i loved them and then left for home. When i got home i went to computer and wrote this.

Im in a car underwater with time to kill. Thinking back i forgot to tell you this. I didnt care that you left and abandoned me. What hurts more is i would still die for you.

I grabbed my keys and went out the door...

( 3 hours later on the news)

A 22 year old male was found in his car dead. Police and investigaters say the male drove off the 178 foot bridge into the river. The accident has been noted as a suicide. It took workers an hour and a half to pull the car out of the water. More on this story at 10.

But there was no more to be said.

At the funeral Cassie saw the suicide note laying next to his casket. As she read it she feel apart. She took a piece of paper and wrote " I would still die for you too, just give me time."

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