Hate then Love

December 3, 2009
By Emily Obaditch BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
Emily Obaditch BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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“I hate you!” I screamed at Brody while I stormed out of his house. I had been over at his house to deliver a birthday card from my mom to his. I rang the doorbell and of coarse he answered. He tripped me and poured soda on my new white dress. And if it already wasn’t terrible enough, he took a picture of me and sent it to everyone in the school. I hate Brody so much. We used to be best friends since we were born. We would play and laugh together, but then we go into a HUGE fight. No, it wasn’t a fight, it was more like a sudden hatred and then my life was ruined. Every day since he started to make fun of me constantly has been the worst. I hate school now and everyone is on Brody’s side. Everyone but my friends, but even they don’t even stick up for me because they are too scared he will make them their next victim.

It’s Monday morning and that meant school, a.k.a. another day of tormenting by Brody. I got up and pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt. I didn’t care how I looked, I just wanted to get through another day. I packed my bag and headed out the door. As I was walking up my street I saw Brody driving up with is dad in his brand new Mercedes. He had his sunglasses on and looked right at me. He thinks he’s so cool. How does Brody, the meanest person alive, have so many friends? I don’t know. I got to school and saw my best friend, Jordyn.
“Hey Jaime!” Jordyn called out.
“Hi, how was your weekend?”
“Good, I uh saw that picture of you…” Jordyn trailed off.
“Oh my god! I forgot about it…that would explain people holding up their phones and laughing at me. Stupid Brody!” I replied in anger.

I survived a day of school. So far, Brody just stuck to the picture to humiliate me. Nothing new, but it still hurt. I really wish we were still friends. It would be so much more easier for the two of us. Or at least me, but apparently it’s embarrassing being friends with me because I’m a “no one.” I guess I will just have to accept the fact that I will have a terrible 7th and 8th grade.


Finally its Friday, one more day until the weekend, where I can be Brody free! So far he has not done anything that bad to me, yet. Friday is normally the day Brody comes up with another pointless rumor. I was right. Today would be the day he starts another rumor. But I was also wrong, this one was true.
Today is the worst day ever. I cannot believe he would tell this. A few months ago when I was still best friends with Brody, I told him that I auditioned to be a model. The manager of the modeling agency told me to meet him the next day at Starbucks. I showed up and he never came. The next day I got a text saying you really thought you could be a model? It was terrible. I didn’t want anyone to know what happened so I only told Brody. Now the whole school knows. I don’t even know why but that story makes me want to cry ever time I hear it. I mean, it’s not that bad but somehow it seems like the most embarrassing thing that could happen.
As I walked into class I saw my teacher at her desk in the corner typing. The board was filled with work to do and I also saw Brody talking and laughing with his friends. I knew this couldn’t be good. I heard my name and then model and I immediately knew. No no no no no no no no no no. That was all I could think. I was about to burst into tears and it was only 2nd period! What should I do????? I decided to just ignore him and everyone laughing and hope to make it through the day. Jordyn passed me a note.

You ok???
NO I cannot believe he told that story
So it’s true
Sadly, what should I do?
Tell Brody to stop?
No way, I’m not talking to him!
Sorry I don’t know…
Its ok, ill figure something out, hopefully.

I didn’t figure anything out. When I got home I ran into my backyard and sobbed. My mom tried to help but I told her no. I have to figure this out. Maybe I could just start being like Brody. Would that make us friends again? I just kept sobbing until I heard Brody in his backyard. He looked at me while I was sobbing. I ran inside.
“Jaime wait!” Brody said.
I went on IM to talk to my friends but no one was on. Brody IMed me, what did he want?

Brody090: Hi
Jaime222: What do you want?
Brody090: I saw you crying and...
Jaime222: and what? Your gonna tell the school, well go ahead...
Jaime222: i dont care

Jaime222 has logged off.

Brody090: Jaime. I know you won’t read this cause your logged off but...I’m sorry.

How worse could it get. Who cares anymore? I will just let Brody be Brody if that’s who he is.


Sunday’s are the worst. It’s not even like a weekend because you know you have school the next day. I hate them. This Sunday has not been that bad though. Sunday’s are the days where I get a nasty text from Brody. So far I’m text free. Yay!

As I walked inside to get lunch I got a text from Brody. I wonder how mean it is this time. I flipped open my phone. “What?” I said accidentally out loud. The text said come over, we need to talk. From Brody. Could this be it? Will we finally be friends again? Walking to his house seemed like hours. I waited at the door and he answered.
“Uh, hi,” he said shyly.
“Hey, I got your text. What did you need to talk about?”
“Well, when I saw you crying yesterday I realized I have been such a jerk lately to you. When I tried to find out why I discovered that well…”
He looked up and his blue eyes looked into mine.
“Jaime, I love you.”
WHAT? Did he just say he loved me, like LOVE love? Really? Oh my god! Did I love him back? I had so many questions racing through my mind I almost forgot he was here. Was this just another trick? Should I believe him? All I could stutter out was “I don’t believe you.”
“Will this help?” He answered.
He moved closer to my face. His lips softly touched mine. He kissed me. And then I realized it. I love him too. I kissed him back. That was the best five seconds of my life. He pulled away looking for an answer. I was to bewildered to speak, I just nodded. He was still looking at me for an answer. Oh duh! I feel so stupid for not saying this before. “I love you, too.” He smiled and hugged me goodbye. Sunday’s are the best.


Today is Monday. For once I am excited to go to school. Brody’s kiss yesterday is all I can think about. He just kissed me, I thought to myself. Did this mean we were a couple? No, he hadn’t asked me that, he just kissed me. I really do love him. I ran out the door and met Brody at his house. He hugged me.

We entered school with his arm around me. No one could help but to stare. One weekend can really change a lot. Brody said he couldn’t walk me to class cause he had to go to the office. What did he do? I walked into English and everyone rushed me. I felt like I was the quarterback in a football game. “Is it true?”
“Are you dating?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Since when.”
“Sunday,” I said.
“How long have you kept it a secret?”
“We haven’t!”
“You know all the things he said about you, right?”

I just wanted to scream. So many voices! Jordyn came from behind and was hugging me. “I knew it, I knew it! You love him!” she squealed. I told her yes, it was true. I love him.

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