The man and his diner

December 3, 2009
By Frostfur BRONZE, Farmington, New Mexico
Frostfur BRONZE, Farmington, New Mexico
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The main character in my story is about a not-so-rich restaurant owner. hardly anyone went to his restaurant only a very old couple that only came every thursday and every once and a while some kids came over to use the candy machine he was struggling to keep his shop open he was struggling to pay his bills and he was about to get a divorce with his wife his wife’s words echoed in his mind “You better do something with that restaurant of yours or i am going to have to go. I dont want to work at a fast food stop again”

The store manager was a very troubled man he always had too many problems. And he did all he could think of to get rid of his problems but it could never happen the right way but then as he was standing at the restaurant the kids that use the candy machine came in laughing and horse-playing and he saw that they were holding some very expensive merchandise it was a small box labeled DSI he was not sure what this was he never watched much t.v. but curiosity made him ask “where did you get that box” he wanted to know in case he got any ideas for lots of business the small girl with pigtails in her hair and lots of freckles covering her young round face replied shyly in a voice barely more audible then a whisper answered “we just came from the shopping mall we bought it from Trade and play” the manager had no idea what this “Trade and Play” was but he definitely knew what the mall was there were always over 100 cars in the parking lot at the mall and from what he heard they have been making more room for new stores then it struck him like a lightning bolt on a very rainy day he could buy a space for his store then people are bound to go to it “Thank you so much” he replied to the little girl then she dashed off with her friends as they were leaving out the door He had done it he had finally found a way to make money!!! but first he needed to make sure that they had open spaces what should he do the store manager thought he will call them on his newly bought “Cellular telephone” then he would know for sure he pulled out one of the complementary phonebooks that were sitting by the door and he immediately looked up Cherrybomb mall he dialed the number when he discovered it on page 45 and it went to the dial tone (buzzzz) what if they dont accept restaurants at the mall? (buzzzz) what if their spaces are all full
(buzzzz) the managers anxiety grew higher and higher as each dial tone rang (buzzzz) finally after what seemed like 2 years someone picked up “hello?” it asked quietly “ hello i need to see if you have any open spaces for a restaurant” he said in the most business like voice he could then there was a dead silence and 20 seconds later the quiet voice replied “yes we have one medium space open in the south part of the mall” yess he had done it finally he had found a solution to his problems “thank you so much” he could not suppress the excitement in his voice

he hung up and gave a little leap of joy he hurt his back while doing so but he did not care he was as happy as he had been in a very long time he had to get home and tell his wife quickly he told the only waitress lauren that the restaurant was closing early he locked up all the doors and said goodbye to emily as she finished gathering all her stuff he rushed out the door and ran to his old four door sedan he got in and drove as quickly as the speed limit would let him he drove home and when he got there he got out and rushed in his little house with just enough room for him and his wife he rushed into the living room where he saw his wife seated on the couch staring at the television watching a cooking show where paula deen was demonstrating how to make tuna pot pie his wife gave a sideways glance at him and said why are you home so early? he was about to reply when his wife continued “let me guess your hungry or even better someone is shutting down the restaurant because we are in debt” no no no he yelled he could ot help himself he hated it when his wife jumped to conclusions like this “no i am going to make us more money” he said gleefully “how” his wife asked with narrowed eyes i am going to open a diner in the mall his wife’s eyes shot open there was silence except for paula deen saying and thats how its done for more tips go to i can cook like paula deen .com then all of a sudden his wife started to cry he thought that his wife had no idea that he was telling the truth and he was just lying but he looked at her face and he saw a sizable grin was on her face with many tears rushing around it “this is the smartest thing you have done in days” she cried after that he knew he had done it he had just made a plan to pull them out of their debt!!! :)

that next day his wife emily and himself went to the mall there he talked to the mall manager who was dressed in a loud purple striped shirt that yelled look at me i am important!!!!! after the two managers have greeted each other the mall manager’s eyes darted to the restaurant manager’s wife then to emily who has a grin from ear to ear yes now lets get down to business replied the mall manager i will show you your space if you please follow me” and at that everyone started to follow the mall manager as you know he said this is going to be a costly bill but you already knew that correct am i not?” the mall manager spoke in a weird way from time to time the restaurant manager was given a hard stare by his wife and a worried glance from emily but the restaurant manager replied simply yes i do and then the mall manager came to an abrupt stop here it is and he pointed to a large room with checkerd tile and plain tan walls a black and white wavy counter top with black and white barstools this is not much of a restaurant murmured his wife emily siad brightly we can make a diner out of it great idea repied the restaurant manager so now my freinds he is not the not-so-rich restaurant manager insterad he is the not-so-rich diner owner it could use some decoration said the owners wife quietly yes yes it could said the mall manager but we do not supply that and he started to walk away and he yelled the words have fun after them emily and his wife immidiatly started to plan what the decorations were going to be while the diner owner stood staring of what was now his he would leave the decorations to the ladies he decided he needed to make a name for his diner after all whats a diner with no name he started to think aloud ummm how about dine with a dime or drool or dine no that sounded gross what if the name stood for something?? what about .D.D.D dynamo dynamite diner or D.I.N.E.R.S delightful intakes never enough for restaurant service he liked that he thought it was very humerous and within the next week D.I.N.E.R.S. was booming with buissnes he and his wife were not in debt anymore they had nice clothes and nice stuff and emily had more people to work with but then on halloween when they were giving out candy to every person that enterd the diner owner was wearing a clown costume with a honking nose and the workers have on each of their chosen costumes everyone was eating their burgers carefree but then all of a sudden a man reeking of alcohol entered the diner said happy halloween swore loudly and pulled out a gun when a little girl tried to run out he pointed the weapon at her then the diner owner wrote quickly on a piece of paper to my wife you get everything i once had and without thinking he ran toward the man and shoved him into the wall the man then aimed his gun and shot the diner owner but just after he was shot the cops came and the man was arrested the cops found the diner owner and his last words were to his wife you can have everything i will miss you and that was his last words

the end

The author's comments:
This is my first story I bet it will suck but practice makes perfect!

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