The Regret of Death

December 3, 2009
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Dead; she was dead and I killed her. It was my entire fault. The doctors say she died of a heart attack; I know that is not true. I had broken her heart.

Just over a week ago I got in an argument with my Grandmother because she kept asking me to do this and that. Before I knew it, it was eight o’ clock and I still had chores and big science project due tomorrow to do. My Grandma was about to ask me one more thing. Before she could tell me what I yelled “NO! I hate you, I’ve had enough and I have so much other work to get done. I hate you!” I exclaimed as I stormed out of the room.

I said it. I hate you. Probably the three most painful words you can you can sat to any person. Little did I know that the last task was to close my eyes a while she would give me an Xbox 360 Elite. She was got a chance though, and in the process I had broke her heart. For a whole week we didn’t talk to each other until her heart couldn’t take it anymore. She died of a heart attack. I’ve never forgiven my self for this. Since I said there words I have felt a dagger in my heart when it stabbed me the moment I said “I hate you”. Engraved on that dagger were the words I still love you”. Engraved on that dagger were the words “I still love you”. Even though I had broken her heart she had still loved me.

If I could have anything in the world it wouldn’t be money fame or power. To see my Grandma on more time or to just go back to when it all happened take it all back beg for her forgiveness. I’m ninety four now and the dagger are still there. My time has come to apologize. I see a bright light and in that light is my grandma waiting for me with her arms open.

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